My Own Personal Backlash

“You’re a Fascist!”  

No actually I’m not; I’m a Conservative.  A brief survey of the history will lead you to the inescapable conclusion that Fascism grew out of Socialism………..from the left.  Conservative thought is on the far opposite end of the spectrum from the tenants of Fascism.  You know, that whole individual liberty, keep the state under control, natural rights thing!

“You’re a Racist!” 

No I’m not!  And the next time the charge is leveled, specifically or generally I’m going to ask for proof.  My hundreds upon hundreds of relationships with minorities, personal and professional,  may get in the way of providing that proof but, hey, give it a shot.  I don’t deny racism is present in America, as a matter of fact I see all manner of racism afoot.  Memo to any number of commentators and politicians (Messrs. Sharpton, Jackson, Cliburn, Robinson et al) who attempt to end the conversation with this charge; not happening anymore.  And, when you’re prepared to attack all manner of racism, not just the type that feathers your particular political or economic bed, I’ll be happy to tune you in again.  My failure to support the President is not racial, it’s based on policy; give me someone who looks like Hubert Humphrey with the same policies,  I’ll have the same opinion.  Is it possible for you folks to accept honest opposition based on policy?  Why does it have to be racism; because it’s easy and eliminates the requirement of broad thought and consideration?  What happened to “content of character”?

“You’re an Islamophobe!”

Well, yes and no.  Do I fear incursions of Islamist ideology, culture and legal standards in America a’la Europe?  You bet.  We have stepped onto the path Europe stepped onto 40 years ago that appears to be they’re undoing.  Is the nearly universal refusal of Muslims to assimilate a problem; yes! Is the violence a problem? Yes! Is an immutable 1,400 year old value system a problem? Without question it is.  Is the fact that a slow creep toward Sharia undermines our core values a problem?” Yes!   It’s not a phobia, it’s a well researched point of view based on volumes of evidence, reinforced daily.  Oh, by the way a high percentage of that evidence is directly from the mouths of Muslim scholars and clerics.  Hey folks, we’re not making this up!  You, as well, will come to fear to slow erosions of American values and culture in favor of Islamism; it’s just a case of weather you get there in time  –  or not.

“You’re a Reactionary!” 

If by that you mean reaction to a wrong; guilty!  If by that you mean I value American traditions and history; guilty!  If by that you mean that I’m exceptionally proud to be an American and see our history as strongly weighted on the side of us being a force for good; guilty! 

“You’re a warmonger!” 

No again.  However, if the choice is between the slow erosion of security based on appeasement of present dangers or military action, give me Seal Team Six!  Our enemies understand little else beyond strength and resolve.  Anything short of that is license to do more of what we appeased in the first place. The spiral is inevitable as are the results.  Iranian nuclear weapons anyone?  

“You’re a Xenophobe!”

No, no, no!  It’s not a question of lack of respect for other cultures; it is a case of actually making the effort to understand them.  It’s a case of the evidence arguing that they are not superior or in many cases equivalent to Western culture and institutions. As Huxley opined, “The idea that all men are equal is a proposition to which, at ordinary times, no sane individual has ever given his assent”.   The same can be applied to countries and cultures.  To study history is to come to the conclusion that that the advent and evolution of Judeo-Christian ethics and democratic institutions are the fundamental underpinnings for the success we have enjoyed.  A degree of success barely conceived just a hundred years ago; a belief that free men, responsible for their actions, families and institutions is the best answer yet conjured up by the minds of men.  

The example of a 13 year old boy in Syria is not unique in the Muslim world.  He was tortured: riddled with bullets, kneecapped, neck broken and suffered a hacked off penis.  This is not a rough equivalent to Western attitudes. We are, thank whatever powers may be, not like them.  There is no point of relativism or equivalence.  

Just saying!