It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

While the President is on his way to tape another Oprah program and trading quips at the journalist dinner, Saturday it was announced that in the first quarter of this year the total economic output for the country grew by an anemic 1.8%, down from 3.1% the fourth quater last year. But this isn’t the only news. The number of jobless claims increased by 25,000 to 429,000 which is the third week in a row unemployment went over 400,000. Consumer prices were up 3.8% from last year and the price of gas is 35% higher than one year ago to over $4 in most of the country. The dollar continues to decline and real estate experts are predicting that home prices could decrease by between 10 to 25% before the market stabilizes.

So what does President Obama do? Why he tries to deflect the publics interest to other issues instead of the condition of the country. Rep. Paul Ryan along with the rest of Congress were back in their home districts for recess and held a few town hall meetings. The Progressive left and the President fear Mr. Ryan’s budget plan and didn’t want it to catch the attention of the American public so they planted thugs (probably some extra thugs left over from the Walker protest) to disrupt the meetings and made sure the main stream media caught the supposed public backlash on camera. The planted thugs became so obvious that Mr. Ryan said to one of them, “You changed your clothes from the meeting this morning.”

As you probably know the President doesn’t like to take the blame for very much. No, make that he doesn’t like to take the blame for anything. Last year prior to the Congressional election he tried painting the Tea Party as a bunch of racist extremist who had to be stopped and in 2009 when he was fighting to get his healthcare passed he tried to nominate Rush Limbaugh as the head of the extreme right Republican party. Then, of course, there is always his favorite whipping boy George “W” when it comes to the economy. Well last month he announced his committee for re-election and with the statistics I quoted above he needs a new bogey man to portray as the spokesman for the Conservative movement and who did he ballyhoo but Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is basing his candidacy by going after the birther vote and therefore, the President sees that by addressing this topic he is avoiding the real issues while making the opposition look small. Now I’m sure Mr. Trump is more knowledgeable about running a business than a certain Senator was back in 2008, however, he is also known for being arrogant, obnoxious and only having a hazy flirtation with Conservative beliefs. The right is titillated by Mr. Trump’s frankness but hardly sold on his vague one song wall of noise as they should be.

The air of change is getting a bit musty when we have to decide between the incompetent vs the incoherent. But unless we have a candidate who steps up we are AGAIN going to have settle for one which we hope carries through with his Conservative principles once elected or become a sacrifice to the left’s grandiose Utopian schemes.