Bin Laden Dead, America Rejoice!

This is a major milestone in the War on Terror against radical Islam. Osama (Usama?) Bin Laden has been brought to swift justice at the hands of some amazing Navy Seals in Pakistan. I would have to declare May 1st to be “Freedom Day” for the entire Western World as we continue to celebrate this victory in battle.

Some of the reactions from around our great nation that warm my heart:

In the streets of Washington DC:

In front of the White House:

In Times Square New York:

At ground zero:

They’re singing and chanting at the US Naval Academy where people are justifiably proud that Navy Seals did the job:

John Cena announces OBL’s death at a WWF event:

Osama Bin Laden’s death circulated around Citizens Bank during a Philadelphia Phillies game:

Celebrations in Ames, Iowa:

Finally, the first thing which popped into my head this morning as I drove in to work:

God Bless our great military and the heroic things they do. This is a single chapter closed with many more to go fighting al-Qaeda and radical Islam.