In the Pursuit of Happiness

Last week at his economic speech, President Obama played Chicago gangster politics to the hilt. He had Rep. Paul Ryan sit in the front row and when Ryan pulled out a knife to slash spending the President pulled out a gun to shoot him down. Or a better comparison would be as Robespierre summed up totaritarian logic during the French Revolution, “There are only two parties in France, the people and their enermies. We must exterminate those misable villians who are eternally conspiring against the rights of men. We must exterminate all our enermies.”

American liberal utopia consists of an omnipotent and omniscient government. It sees no facet of human life that is beyond politicial significance and meddling. Our founding fathers’ distrust of government is shown when writing the Constitution by installing such words as “Congress shall not abridge, infringe, deny, disparage, or violate” in order to protect our rights against big government meddling. President Obama, however, said recently at George Washington University, “We would not be a great country without government entitlements.” The case for this statism is framed in the pragmatism that it is for your own good. Thus they exhort, badger, and scold us into how we must eat healthy, and think and speak through political correctness. Anyone who objects is accused of being racist, Nazi’s, islamophobic, or homophobic by the left’s wall of noise. Landreaux summed it up best in his essay “Islamophobia and Irrationality,” stating that, “Once you define it as a phobia any opposition is irrational, invalid, and unworthy of a constructive response.”

The Conservative right is treated by the liberal left as a bigger threat than terrorist. But I suppose our principles and ideas being understood by the American public as witnessed during the 2010 election is a bigger threat. You see Conservatives understand the Declaration of Independence states the purpose of government is to “secure these rights,” not fulfill those rights. Conservatives understand that man is flawed and that the only real utopia that awaits us is in the next life. Liberals meanwhile believe people are perfect and outside influences in society cause them to make bad decisions and only the intervention of more government can correct this. The left deals in using people through guilt, envy and victemhood offering no strategies, only tactics and unarmed truths. They use people because they buy constituents through their promise of more than it can realistically deliver, all under the guise that confiscatory socialism is charity. But this tugging at the heart strings usually needs to be funded and is usually followed by tugging at the pursestrings. This means more taxes and political contributions for re-election because as Ann Coulter said, “Liberals don’t love big government because they think it’s efficient, compassionate, fair, or even remotely usefull. They support big government because they are guaranteed the support of nearly everyone who works for the government.”

The truths the Liberal left deal in must be their truths, couched in their words, in the hands of their people, and achieved through their methods because they believe the American people cannot be expected to make their own decisions. The left wants America to stop chasing the pursuit of happiness and have it delivered.