David And The Football

During the 2007 Presidential campaign then Senator Obama committed to take a scalpel to the Federal Budget; not a hacksaw or other manner of slashing implement.  The candidate committed to a “line by line” review of the Federal Budget.

 On Sunday, David Plouffe said exactly the same thing for what would happen over the next two years.  Again!  Having racked up an average of three trillion in additional deficits in the first two years of the Obama Administration one might think that a change in plan was in order.  Not so!

 Mr. Plouffe provided the best evidence that nothing will change.  Mr. Plouffe, in 2007, would have been intimately involved in crafting the Obama economic and budget message; scalpel, line by line.  There has been no evidence that the scalpel has been applied or that the line by line review led to anything other than bigger lines.

 Speculation has it that the President, by necessity, will move to the center.  Evidence has it that only the messaging will move to the center. Again!

 “Honestly, Charlie Brown” says Lucy Plouffe;  “I promise not to pull the football away this time”. 

 The President reinforced Mr. Plouffe’s  positions with his speech Wednesday.  “Investments” must be made; Paul Ryan’s plan represented as the equivalent of political and economic terrorism.  The President maintains his insistence on motivating of class warfare.    

 There will be no great coming together to address the nation’s economic challenges.  Political leadership has been supplanted by a game of “Chicken”.   Problem is, we get roasted!