Define Democracy

Supposedly we are currently fighting to establish democracy in the Middle East. I say currently because we have went from a war against terror, to perpetual war in the search of peace, to the current outsourcing our troops as mercenaries to European interests of immigration and oil. If you read or listen to the media they would have you believe a breeze of Arab democracy is blowing through the region when in reality we are being used by the Muslim Brotherhood, al Quada, Taliban, P.L.O., Hezbollah or who ever we are fighting this week.

Last month Egypt was on the brink of civil war waiting for the American backed dictator to leave and from there we immediatly went into Libya to support “civilians” carrying guns with the intent to overthrow the government. In each case we dithered and wrung our hands about giving support to these “DEMOCRACY MOVEMENTS” while we have no idea about who will take over afterwards nor what type of government will follow. Did that stop us from continuing our thumb in the wind foreign policy? …….. No because the word “DEMOCRACY” is spouted as justification with little evidence to back it. Lets take a quick look to see if the Arab Spring is really Concord and Lexington .

1) Freedom of Religion: How tolerant are they of Christianity and Judism? Seeing that they want Israel wiped off the map and are offended by Christian beliefs I can’t see them passing this test. They get an “F” here.

2) Freedom of Speech: We just have to look to this past weekend when they rioted and murdered after a pastor in Florida burned the Koran. Nope another “F”

3) Freedom of Press: Lets ask Salman Rushdie how tolerent they are of freedom of the Press? How about those Danish cartoons? Hardly even close…..”F”

4) Trial by Jury/Rights of the Accused: Hmmm all we need to know about that is the murder of Theo Van Gogh in Holland. Once again “F”

5) Freedom to Assemble: Ah! now here is something they know plenty about. Those mullahs can put together a crowd ready to riot and chant at the drop of a burqa. They get an “A+”

6) Right to Bear Arms: Again this is something they know about. Unfortunately their citizenry are unpredictable and militia is at the whim of the mullahs or dictators…”B-”

7) Cruel and Unusual Punishment: FAIL BIG TIME on this one. Stoning, cutting off hands for thieves etc, etc…….. “F”

It is painfully obvious that we in the West are being used because neither liberty nor tolerance have roots in the Arab world. They will deflect blame and attempt to draw sympathy any way they can to change the “Rules of Engagement” and as in Vietnam they have little regard about sacrifificing their own life to further the cause. That cause being the downfall of the West and Israel and by America imposing censorship of ideas and concern over our enermies perception of us on our citizens we are not only going to lose the war but our Constitutional rights.

If the Middle East can not understand that basic rights are given to everyone by God and not some Muhhahs they surely will never know freedom as we define it and this war is all for nothing. This is something to consider before we go any further in this Kabuki dance under the masked disguise of “DEMOCRACY”.