Where Are The Leaders?

Heading into the opening chapter of the 2012 Presidential Election, it’s clear we currently have little to no leadership residing in the White House. The “leadership” that has been offered since President Obama took office has been misguided and can fairly be classified as abject failure by most any measure.

Therefore, amidst the rocky start on the Republican side for the 2012 election, I have to ask the party where are the leaders?

I see glimmers of leadership across the field. Representative Paul Ryan, for example, is a strong leader. He has not wavered in his desire to restore fiscal sanity to the federal government and is not afraid to use terms like “Social Security” and “Medicare” when also discussing cuts.

However, Representative Ryan is not considering a run for the presidency and he probably shouldn’t since we need his leadership in congress.

I see some glimmers of leadership in the current presidential field. I see former businessman Herman Cain as a strong leader. He has private sector experience and he too does not shy away from speaking the truth about our dire fiscal situation. Unfortunately for Cain, not enough voters on the GOP side will see him as a viable candidate due to lack of name recognition and the fact that he hasn’t held prior political office.

The same can be said for Donald Trump. Similar to Herman Cain, Trump has run and continues to run a successful business empire. Trump is also not afraid to say what he thinks, media be damned. However, Trump is taking flack for his similar lack of a prior elected office on his resume. Furthermore, he just can’t be taken seriously by the media or the GOP establishment who will be looking for the “esteemed” politician.

The leaders right now the Republican side are currently sitting in elected office doing their jobs or their currently sitting in the private sector being successful in business. For example, Chris Christie is effective and strong in his policies as New Jersey Governor. He is the definition of a leader.

Governor Bobby Jindal is doing a remarkable job leading Louisiana into a strong economic period and reforming the corruption and political theater that Baton Rouge is known for.

Governor Scott Walker is a new entry into this category since 2010, however, he is making his way nicely given his ability to break the union stranglehold on Wisconsin and do so without wavering. Walker is still building his reputation in this field and clearly isn’t ready to move past the Wisconsin Governorship but we’ll check-in again in a few years.

The list of Republican leaders on the state level is fairly long and it could go on and on. We have some amazing talent and fresh blood waiting to be unleashed on the bureaucrats in Washington. The question remains though, when will they get there?

In short, I’m afraid the best leadership we have on the Republican side is currently being put to use outside of running against President Obama. I’m hoping that in the coming months I will be singing a new tune when we see a candidate emerge who is currently off the radar.

I am certain that President Obama can be beaten in 2012. His record to run on is one of broken promises, economic disaster and a sense of hubristic panic surrounding nearly every decision he’s made. In short, President Obama is an easy political target. He has provided the missteps and failed polices to tear him down politically.

The ball is teed up. Where is the Republican leader stepping up with the driver?

It could be former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, or maybe not. It could be former Massachuetts Governor Mitt Romney but I sincerely doubt it. It could be Representative Michelle Bachman. It could be a short list of people and we should watch this unfold in the coming months.

A leader on the Republican side will not waver on questions surrounding whether President Obama has failed. A leader will not waver on topics such as entitlement reform, cutting government and restoring constitutionally limited power. A leader will not fear giving answers which the media will loathe. A leader will not shy away from solid, bedrock principles and will explain and advance them at ever opportunity.

A leader looks nothing like President Obama, Senator John McCain or any politician who reads from the same unprincipled play book.

I for one simply hope that Republican voters choose a leader.