Koran or Karma

The family Saud and Wahhabists made common cause long ago.  The Saudi’s must now wonder if Karma as opposed to the Koran is the controlling influence.  When the oil came, clerics cashed in, insisting on funding to propagate Wahhabist Islam globally.  The funding came as did the propagation.  The money unleashed a torrent of Islamism, reviving the historic Islamic tendency toward imperialism.  The demons unleashed by the Saudi’s have turned on them; the Saudi Royal Family is frequently mentioned in the same breath as the Great and Little Satan, at least by Iran and it’s surrogates; members of the Royal Family targeted for assassination.

The Saudi’s created the Islamic Petard upon which they can now envision being hung from, as Iran extends its political and military influences across the region and globally with the Saudis a specific target of they’re ire. 

The situation in Bahrain represents one of the many self actualized threats to Saudi Arabia and yet the Administration cannot seem to wrap their minds around the issues.  Despite overt sensitivity to all things Muslim a fundamental understanding of the Saudi situation, the role of Islamic sectarianism and regional pressures appear to be absent.  Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are connected by a bridge.  Saudi Arabia sees Iran as a major threat on a number of levels and will move to protect the Sunni ruling family in Bahrain as a bulwark against Iranian influence.  We should be in full support of that strategy.   We should also keep in mind that no one knows the Arab mind like Arabs do; nearly a truism is that Arabs understand strength, they may not like it but they understand and respect it. 

Europe, the U.N. and the U.S. have done nothing material to control or contain the Iranian threat and the Saudis are feeling lonely.  The best the U.S. can do is urge “restraint”!  Many argue that restraint is the problem and precisely what Iran has counted on for a decade. Iran on the other hand enjoys additional proof that the U.S. will not, even rhetorically, stand up for allies under a threat shared by both.  Odd! 

Further evidence of U.S. “restraint” is now going to the U.N. for permission to take military action against Qaddafi, just as he is on the verge of crushing the rebels; it’s so asinine as to seem purposeful, wait long enough, go to the U.N., the U.N. wastes more time and voila, we’re off the hook! The requested “permission” is a meaningless descent into the absurd.  According to Undersecretary of State William Burns, Russia and China have no interest in trying to end the violence in Libya.  No support from China and/or Russia no Security Council resolution, simple as that!  Waste of time!

Take heart, there is a point of consistency in all of this; the U.S. is an existential enemy………until someone needs us, those some ones knowing full well that the ladies in Europe have lost their moral center regarding actually doing anything vaguely resembling their rhetoric.  The U.S. appears now to be on the European path and no strategic good can come of a U.S. perceived to be weak and prepared to commit nothing more than self aggrandizing rhetoric in an attempt to take the moral high ground without actually doing so.

There is bad and there is worse!  There is little to like about the Saudis and no defense of them will be found here; however, they are not threatening government sanctioned genocide, going nuclear or gathering significant militant surrogates around the region.  The Iranian’s are. 

To have failed to support Saudi Arabia as a geopolitical statement against expanding Iranian influence is yet another opportunity missed in the interest of ……..well come to think of it what would those interests be?