Islamophobia And Irrationality

Experience the impact of phobias and you come to understand, rationality plays no part in the onset.  Recognition and some manner of control are possible but it remains fundamentally irrational, fear absent motivation for the fear.  By accepting and applying “Islamophobia” as a readymade response or label to questions related to Muslims generally or Islamists specifically we demonstrate a tacit acceptance of the premise that, by the definition of a phobia, such questions are irrational, invalid and unworthy of constructive response!

It’s not irrational if you’ve been paying attention!  Attention to the 30 year European slide into acceptance of and application of Sharia as a separate but parallel legal system.  Attention to the tenets of Sharia and the manner of their application is not irrational.  Awareness of what Islamist religions leaders say the world over is not irrational.  A daily look at four or five web sites that report issues related to terrorism, and irrationality begins to melt away.  If you’ve read the fatwa’s, spent time with MEMRI, and listened closely to Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project for Terrorism, it’s not irrational.  If you’ve read the Center for Security Policy’s Team B report and achieved the capability to absorb what the bad guys have to say, it’s not irrational.  If you can understand the bad guy’s intellect to the point of objective absorption ……well?  What’s irrational is a refusal to move beyond the surface of comfortable political correctness: to refuse to recognize realities; unable to call a thing what it is.

“Phobia” as a label must be disregarded: Islamo-concern, Islamo-you-have-my-full-attention-now, and Islamo-we-do-not-agree-with-Sharia-as-a-legal-system Islamo-we’re-not-buying-the-spin-in-light-of-the-evidence, may serve as valid substitutes.  These are, admittedly, not as pithy as a phobia but irrationality must be dissuaded.  

Fear is not the right word, at least not the up all night, can’t sleep fear.  It’s background noise, fear of consequences that invariably follow ignorance and willful blindness.  Fear that if we can’t bring ourselves to an accurate descriptive then by definition all communication is flawed or failed? 

A rational review of the Holy Land Foundation trial illuminates and defines the goals of the American Islamist infrastructure led by the Muslim Brotherhood.  We know of tactics and strategies, most importantly we know the plan is patient and incremental; freedoms and cultural generosity, as the fulcrum to limit freedoms in the wider population.  Brotherhood directed documents lay out the plan.  Brotherhood success in Europe provides the proof of possible.  The plan makes it clear that the Brotherhood, as well, is not irrational.  Reports last year indicated that the Brotherhood was so pleased with their political and legal progress in America that terrorism needed to go to the far back burner.  No need to “get their attention” when it is freely given.

America is becoming proficient at protecting and encouraging a set of ideas completely in opposition with our culture and traditions and at the same time losing the fire to defend those traditions.  The Brotherhood’s promise that they would defeat us “by our own hand” is in play.  The 50 odd organizations tied to the Brotherhood use the taint and weakness of our history with racism to convince us that Islamist goals are equivalent to a civil rights movement for Muslims.  The civil rights movement demanded America live up to its principals; not replace them with a religious creed! 

It’s not irrational. It’s worthy of a little fear; fear that sharpens the mind and eye; fear that motivates curiosity and engagement.  Engagement leads to questions; Where is the center of gravity, what are the commonalities, where is the financial support, the nature of the belief system, who owns the assets, who is connected to who? 

We have the answers to most of those questions but they are difficult answers and arrive with a challenge to re-define ourselves and our interests.  However, to satisfy the requirements of rationality, you have to look it up!  Get back to us if you encounter a pang of constructive fear!