Ideas Have Consequences

Well it seems our President has received the famed 3 A.M. phone call and pushed the snooze button for two weeks. When he did awake he felt the need to go to the Arab League and the United Nations for approval but completly forgot about Constitutional approval from Congress. This half-hearted jester was no doubt supported by bowing to the former and thumbing his nose to the later.

Lets stop for a moment and see what may be the consequences of these actions he overlooked in his haste because by trying to make his tee time and living off his Noble Peace Prize he surely didn’t think this through.

1) THIS IS A CIVIL WAR AND NOT A HUMANITARIAN MISSION. Don’t proclaim to be protecting civilians when they are carrying guns with the intention of overthrowing a government…….You are choosing sides!

2) The United Nations Security Council mandate makes no mention of regime change. Thus if Qaddafi can’t be removed or we decide he is to stay in power like we did with Hussein (and Adm. Moore suggest) will we have to go back for him in the future and will this cause terrorist attacks?

3) Will we support the rebels if they decide to mount an offensive against Qaddafi held towns or Tripoli or chance another Bay of Pigs?

4) Will the results of our actions spill over to Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen either politically or with refugees?

5) Will the rebels control the country or will it be a divided country with clan warfare? If so will a boots on the ground U.N. peacekeeping force be needed?

6) Just who exactly is going to replace Qaddafi and what type of government are the rebels going to form? Are we being used by the Muslim Brotherhood in overthrowing a dictator only to get a more radical Anti-American/Anti-Israel government?

7) Although our so called allies in Europe (Britain and France) just signed a “Mutual Defense Co-operation Pact” last year they are looking at any military actions they take through one eye at the possibility of igniting Muslim protest at home. Not that they have an outstanding record of finishing military missions and not leaving America cleanup their mess politically and financially.

This isn’t the “Arab Spring Democracy Movement” the American media is making it out to be. As columnist Dennis Prager said, “History suggests countries never go from dictatorships to democracies” and “Neither liberty nor tolerance has roots in the Arab world.” Or as Richard Weaver said in his famous book “Ideas have Consequences.”