Bag of Money

In an attempt to engage the tortured logic related to domestic energy exploration an analogy may be appropriate, or is it a metaphor?   

 You see a Bag of Money in the middle of your street; it has your name on it. 

 You approach the Bag of Money; there is a list of rules on the bag identifying what you must do to take possession of and use the Bag of Money.

 You must first search for another Bag of Money.  You must search in places where the odds of finding a Bag of Money are essentially nonexistent.

  1. You must search at least 50 miles from the spot where there is an actual Bag of Money in an attempt to locate other Bags of Money.
  2. The other Bags of Money are likely to be much smaller, partially hidden and thus harder to find.
  3. The other Bag of Money you’re looking for, assuming you find it, must have an EPA seal of approval or that Bag of Money must also be left in place. .
  4. You must leave the Bag of Money in the middle of the street, doing nothing while you conduct your search for the Bag of Money that may not even exist.
  5. Neighborhood polling indicates that, outside of your neighborhood, 75% of people who know about the Bag of Money are in agreement that you should take the Bag of Money.
  6. Protests organize calling for you to leave the Bag of Money where it is.
  7. You negotiate with your neighbors as your neighbors must agree to let you have the Bag of Money that all can all see in the middle of the street. 
  8. You cannot, however, offer them a share of what’s in the Bag of Money to get their final approval for you to take it.
  9. Your neighbors, angry at being denied a share of the Bag of Money, refuse to give you their approval.
  10. The Bag of Money remains in the street of use to no one.