Let’s Have A Meeting!

It has been, admittedly, difficult to absorb the core values of Obama administration foreign policy.   Foreign policy has appeared to be based on situational response absent strategic direction.  The President ordered that his administration pursue the full range of options available related to Libya.  We now have the answer to the main thrust of President Obama’s foreign policy and leadership context…..


In response to the chaos in Libya Secretary Clinton was dispatched by the President to a meeting in Geneva.  Based on a wide range of ultra top secret sources we have procured a copy of the agenda for that meeting.

  • Potential for the interrogation of Col Gaddafi’s Ukrainian nurse by Prime Minister Berlusconi.
  • The critical geopolitical importance related to speaking about Col. Gaddafi without actually using his name.  
  • Discussion related to the use of progressive platitudes consistent with the scope of the crisis, if it really is a crisis.
  • Elimination of any strategy that would threaten or allude to a military option to stop the murder in the streets.  
  • Acceptable death toll absent action by the West.
  • Use of ferries actually large enough to handle the number of people evacuating.
  • Construction and strategic delivery of mixed messages completely inconsistent to prior messages regarding Egypt or Tunisia.
  • Appropriate waiting time in advance of the application of United Nations sanctions to insure their impotence.  (Prime Minister Berlusconi objected to the wording)