Desperately Seeking “12”

Predictions in the Middle East are a dicey proposition at best; this past month providing sufficient evidence of the difficulties.  There are, however, themes to follow; one being the growing Shia cult surrounding the long absent 12th Imam. 

“12”, may I call you “12”, disappeared into a well in Iran centuries ago.  The theology holds that he will return with Jesus by his side to lead the global acceptance of Islam bringing peace and Islamic justice to us all.  Jesus, by the way, will be on hand to testify that “12” is the Big Guy, The Real Deal; or so the story goes.  The Sunnis, one assumes, must also toe the line as defined by the Shia minority and the reappearance of ‘12”.

The problem is that the theology holds that the reappearance must be preceded by war, destruction and chaos.  The essential end of days for everyone not accepting of the power of “12”!

Iran’s Supreme Leader and President both claim, confidently, to be speaking directly with “12”.  We don’t know if the chats are temporal or metaphysical.  One would assume in the absence of the necessary chaos it’s metaphysical…….or do we?

Just for flavor, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, in control of vast portions of Iranian society, are the most active and numerous converts to the cult of “12”. 

So, what’s the prediction, Bubba? 

Soon, very soon, Iranian leadership will begin to connect upheaval in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, Palestine and Libya to the impending resurrection of “12”.  It’s a question of how much chaos is enough chaos, spiritually speaking of course.  As both Iranian leaders are in direct communication with “12” the answer should be forthcoming. 

Perhaps “12” will come up with a Twitter account; maybe he’ll magically appear as a Facebook star.  Wow! He’ll have a lot of friends.