Useful Idiots!

Stalin, famously, referred to Western supporters of Communist Russia, so enchanted with the Communist experiment that they willingly ignored and denied the police state that was Russia under Stalin, according to Stalin.  Stalin called them useful idiots.  Stalin would be amused in the present day.

Hugo Chavez moves inexorably toward outright dictatorship in Venezuela towing along alliances with key “allies”: Russia and Iran.  Coincident to Chavez’s power grabs are massive deals for military hardware, from Russia.    

Tom Friedman’s self admitted affair with China may be displaced lust.  Perhaps he should take Venezuela under his considerable wing.  Mr. Freeman publically fantasized about the U.S. being China for “just one day” so that we could “get things right”.  Hey, Tom!  Hugo’s almost there.! In fairness to Mr. Friedman; he, no doubt, expects the evolving dictatorship in Venezuela to be both efficient and an enlightened representation of the will of the people in the person of that great humanitarian Hugo Chavez…….…  Yea, that’s how it usually it works out. 

Hugo, as have many before him, says he needs additional powers to be more efficient.  Hugo simply does not understand what all the noise is about, it’s about efficiency.  Tom, that’s what you want right, efficiency, “getting things right”?  Hugo’s you’re man!  All that messy Democracy is just sooooooo 1776!

“Dear Leader, I fear we may have overplayed our hand.”  No problem, get Bill Richardson on a plane!”   

Bill, solemn, “it’s a tinder box”, “restraint”.  Bill, we know!  We also know why.  No accountability for broken deals, acts of war ignored, nuclear proliferation unrestrained, Chinese surrogate status, massive military, dying “leadership”, the potential for a military coup fueled by, of course, military action precipitating crisis and last but not least, essential appeasement on the part of the West and its allies in the region.

Bill, China is the singular point of support for the Dear Leader’s gig; may we suggest a trip to Beijing may be more productive.  Oh, Bill, sorry, didn’t realize that the Chinese weren’t all that interested in speaking with you.  Hard to believe!  Wonder how Hillary feels about Bill sliding off to sunny North Korea?  The administration could easily have “talked him down” but off he went; “tinderbox”. 

Is it flawed judgment on the part of North Korea that of everyone they could have talked to they chose Bill Richardson? 

North Korea must like the way Bill thinks and represents their position; what does that say about Bill?