Clowns In Search Of A Car

There is a self admitted dearth of non repetitive adjectives available to describe the recent behaviors of Congress.  Could it be that the actual goal of Congressional leaders is to move the 13% approval rating to single digits?  

Republicans bush wacked by the inclusion of “prior sin” ear marks as cover for Democratic ear marks.  Democrats’ hell bent in their desire to pass yet another form of political stimulus having little to do with the realities of current economics.  Democrats clearly attempting to paint Republicans as hypocrites, which we knew, and yet maintain hope that Republicans are taking the fiscal cure.  Republicans, at least, know we can find new Republicans.

Congressional Democrats refused to take up issues and define positions in advance of the election.  Congressional leadership then insists on the pain and inevitability of unintended consequences based on pressure tactics and artificial deadlines.  The assumption must be made that leadership remains firmly convinced, despite evidence to the contrary, that we have simply not been paying attention.  Message to Congress; 13% approval means that we are, indeed, paying attention or you’d be up in the stratospheric level of oh, I don’t know, 22%?

In there any other organization on earth (except perhaps the U.N.) that in the face of a failing grade of 13% decides the best course of action is to engage in more of what delivered you to the point where 87% of your consistency thinks you’re a collection of clowns in search of a tiny car.

Sarcasms aside we have a Congress absent the consent of the governed and they appear to have little care over their clown like status. They appear to be insistent that the mark erased on Election Day be redrawn in bold red numbers.  We do have a lot of red numbers!  

It’s not that Congress is so much worse than before; we’re paying more attention.  It’s a Catch 22; they want to be appreciated and reelected but they don’t want us to look too closely.  The fact is that for millions benign neglect, misdirection and distraction are over.  The sleeper has awoken.

Lawrence Sanders in his novel “The Tomorrow File” takes up the mantle of George Orwell and extends the vision beyond 1984.  Sanders’ pursues the necessities of totalitarian control; comfortable survival, slavish dependency; unthinking, somnambulant compliance. All manner of control: rewards and punishment for “anti social’ behavior, drugs, descents into a fantasy haze as reward for compliant behavior.  While vague parallels exist, we are not there yet!

Somehow, a majority of Congress has looked at polls, election results, economics, deficits, peaceful public uprisings and evidence of virtual pitchforks everywhere they look and decided that none of it is actually meaningful, or real.   Many are leaving soon; the memory will prevail.

 The indispensable essence of institutional corruption is arrogance!