Bloomberg says “No way” to 2012 Presidential bid

There was some speculation that New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg might launch an independent Presidential bid in 2012 given his apparent popularity with his city residents. However, Bloomberg has now ruled out 2012 saying he will not, under any circumstances, run for President.

Report from MSNBC:

Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg flatly denied that he will launch an independent presidential bid in 2012.

“I’m not going to run for president,” he said, adding a few seconds later for emphasis: “No way, no how.”

“I’m not looking at the possibility of running,” he told NBC’s David Gregory.

Bloomberg said people “should be encouraged” by the compromise agreement to extend tax cuts and unemployment benefits that President Obama and Republican congressional leaders reached last week.

No love lost here, I’ve never been a Bloomberg fan though it would have been interesting to see who an independent Bloomberg run would hurt more. I’d assume it would hurt President Obama but that would depend on who the Republican nominee would have been.

I would have figured that in Bloomberg’s eyes, he probably figures that grassroots citizens will rise up and demand his entrance into the race. He lives in the New York bubble and probably thinks the rest of the country loves him as well for his Nanny-state politics.

Still, for all you “independents” waiting for a savior, I did read that Ralph Nader is considering a run if President Obama doesn’t get a primary challenger. Should be delightful to watch that unfold.