A Deal Is A Deal!

The “compromise” draws criticisms, left and right. Reality being that both sides misread circumstances.  Many with reservations, me included, were prepared to accept the deal.  The deal is not a deal anymore; intended amendments render it yet another vehicle for spending, a parting insult to the recent election results by the left.  Insult thrown by those who remain in Congress; lame ducks “disinvited” to the Democratic caucus meeting.

If the “framework” of the deal changes, even a little bit, from what escaped negotiations, say NO!  A deal is a deal!  Call the bluff!

The first test for Republicans resulted in a barely acceptably, tepid response.  This is their way out; a deal is a deal.

If the Democratic base remains predictably angered, intent on “amendments” shut up and let them vent, let them kill the deal, responsible for tax increases.  The President loses as he could not make it happen with his own people.  The President will be further cornered when the tax rate legislation emerges in January. 

Republicans regain a small semblance of the idea they actually do have a red line they will not cross.  January comes, a new deal in place, all your own, with less spending, that is paid for.  Can’t eliminate the death tax?  Change it to exclude assessed assets that are actually ongoing business ventures; farms chief among those subjected to unfair interpretations in the tax code.        

For Republican leadership, a new negotiating environment is right around the corner.  Representatives Elect are speaking out against this deal; you remember them, the Tea Party folks.  Say hello to the new focal point of your negotiations.  Remember as well, the Tea Party rose, in no small measure, based on disappointments delivered by Republicans. 

May as well get on with it; the dynamics in the Democratic caucus from the left could be a mirror image of the dynamics in the Republican caucus from the right; round about, oh January 6th.