Run Nancy Run

Speaker Pelosi, word has it, will run for Democratic Minority Leader, reprising her 2004 election to that position. 

Bad news for Democrats!  Nancy, according to Rasmussen, is a leader with disapproval ratings of 60% including 52% very unfavorable.  She is and has been a specific target (Fire Pelosi) of the GOP, a major face of Progressive programs and the midwife to the much derided Obama Care (more accurately, Pelosi Care); she of pork barrel stimulus spending, Cap & Trade and Financial Regulation not to mention dozens of bills that were never considered by the Senate.  She is the face of the now rejected four year Progressive legislative program. 

Nancy seems to have every intention of hanging in there.  Despite members of her own party fleeing the Pelosi legislative program and committing not to support her return to leadership; Nancy soldiers on.  The elections barely over Rep. Heath Schuler announced he would challenge her.  Nancy remains unrepentant; you go girl!

Her platform: “We have no intention of allowing our great achievements to be rolled back.” (AP)  

The Minority Leader retains a lot of clout including committee appointments which, if history is a guide, will be determined based on who deserves a spanking.  Ask Rep. Jane Harmon who was sent to the wilderness when she was not appointed head of the Intelligence Committee despite being the ranking and likely most knowledgeable member of that committee.  She got on the wrong side of Nancy, California roots notwithstanding!

Will Nancy’s recalcitrance split Democrats further?  Likely answer; you betcha!  Apparently, by Nancy’s logic, or ego drive, being clobbered in a general election is just not enough of a PR nightmare.  Maybe it is the inability to let go of power.  Maybe passing the torch to Steny Hoyer is unthinkable, although Steny is not the most popular guy in Dem Town either.  Maybe she thinks she can lead a comeback.  Maybe she want to punish Republicans.  Maybe Botox is covered under the Congressional health care plan.

Nancy has presided over the most significant loss of seats since 1938 as widely reported, yet the motivation to go quietly into the political good night appears to be absent.  She will apparently follow the footsteps of Messrs. Carter and Clinton. 

The comparative to Nancy hanging in there will be ..……wait for it ..…… George W. Bush.  GW refuses to engage politically, cites respect for the office as part of his motivation, does not think it’s appropriate to criticize his successor and continues to demonstrate considerable class.  Who was first to Fort Hood?  Who went without photographers?

So, Nancy go ahead, give into baser urges, split your party, motivate a leadership fight.  You may win, and by doing so you will surely lose!  Just what the President needs!