Win Some, Lose Some! Really??

November 3rd operating theory was, there would be no commentary niche available; sometimes the commentary demands commentary.

Commentary in some quarters (Chris Matthews) has it that the Tea Party may have supported the House victories but they cost Republicans the Senate, some truth to that perhaps; out of context.  The question is; without the Tea Party what would the numbers have been?

Cogent analysis would recognize that a fundamentally non-centralized political effort would, of course, have a disproportionate impact locally.  Evidence from Tim Storey, an elections expert at the National Conference of State Legislatures.  “It looks like they (R’s) are close to a 700-seat pickup, far beyond what they did in 1994,” Storey said in an interview on Wednesday. “It’s going to be the most Republican legislators in state legislatures since 1928.” 1928 was also a repudiation of Progressive ideas!

There is a deep transformation on the horizon as Conservative expectations of accountability reach deep into state legislatures.  Chris; that would be local! Conservative templates are on display in Richmond Virginia and Trenton New Jersey; pick your style.

For the first time, in a long time activists on the left must cede part of the grassroots field to activists on the right.  It is not just about abortion any more.  Chris’ MSNBC commentator’s attribute 118 House seats to Tea Party activism; wow!  Not bad for a bunch of misogynistic, selfish, nativist, god loving, gun loving, damaged by stress, racist misanthropes!

This is painful for Chris and the gang; Progressive Liberalism has been set aside for the time being.  Efforts to blame the electorate have failed; the electorate was not in the mood to be cowered and certainly not in the mood for lectures from elites who have cost them jobs, retirements and homes.  Progressives will have a voice, albeit coming from the back seat.

Progressivism as the fundamental road we travel has had its bridge blown, for the moment.  Believers will work hard to rebuild that bridge; more explosives will be required.  (disclaimer: not an incitement to violence!)  Whatever this election may have accomplished it has failed to instill a sense of humility on the left.  This entire “voice of the people” thing has not made an indelible mark.  The “voice’ will need to reinforcement itself in 2011 and 2012.

The President is the best reflection of a lack of self-evaluation saying that “if Republicans have ideas” on health care, he will “consider” it.  He knows what the ideas are; he spent considerable time criticizing them.  Stimulus, debt and health care were fundamental motivations for the movement that took the House, Governor’s mansions, Senate seats and state legislatures.  Yet, for the President, it remains a case of “if”; really?

The President makes the argument that people “feel” as if the government is more intrusive based on the pace of change.  Mr. President, it is more intrusive and “people” feel it because it is real; they “feel it” in a most uncomfortable way and discomfort morphed into action.  Intrusion is viewed as an assault on freedoms; simple!

The President does make a distinction between campaigning and “governing”.  The question is, in the President’s mind, is it a difference without a distinction.