Election 2010 Poll Closing Times

The races which most interest me tonight:

West Virginia: Can John Raese defeat Joe Manchin and start the Senate wave for Republicans? Polls close at 7:30 eastern time so we’ll see.

Virginia: Can Keith Fimian defeat Gerry Connolly in the VA-11 House race? This would be big and the race is a tossup right now. If Fimian wins for Republicans, the wave will be higher than anticipated.

Ohio: Republicans are poised to win up and down the line in Ohio, the question is how large will the margin be? We talking 5 to 10 points or 15 to 20 points? Should give some definition to other Midwest states.

Nevada: Of course, I want to see Harry Reid’s title as Majority Leader come to and end by defeat.

Florida: Excited to see Marco Rubio’s national political career begin tonight, I am eagerly awaiting his victory speech. Keep an eye on this impressive conservative for years to come.

There are many others but with so many, I am watching a few which have fascinated me for months now.

Keep track of the numbers as they roll in. Here’s a video from Fox News showing the poll closing times across the country:

Here’s a map for quick reference:

2010 poll closing times

We’ll be watching tonight and updating as the results happen. Should be a fun ride, pop some popcorn and get comfortable.