Dysfunctionally Yours

I’m sorry!  You see, my fear, my denial of science and oh, oh, …..oh no, I just found out I’m hardwired to be incapable of thinking straight under stress.  The Psychologist in Chief has cut to the quick once again, identifying the true source of the problem.  Funny, I always thought I handled stress fairly well, who knew?

Talk about fear?  There are millions of us staggering around out there; dysfunctional and unable to think straight!  Whoa, Ok show of hands; How many of you feel you’ve become dysfunctional based on your political orientation: can’t sleep, find yourself watching Fox news in a trance like state or suffering withdrawal symptoms when the New York Times has sold out?  Yea, I know, just making a point.

But wait!  Gallup says self described ideological orientation is 42% conservative, 35% moderate and 20% liberal.  The long standing center right electorate remains essentially consistent if not a bit stronger. 

One might, ever so gently, argue that “dysfunction” does not reside with the electorate.  The dysfunction rests in the demand that a nation, so self described, face a demand to adopt failed Social Democratic ideas well to the left of the electoral pivot point.

In SocDem land: Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland are on the edge, the Ireland that, not long ago, was the cover girl for economic development.  The rest of continental Europe is not far behind.  France embroiled in riots over the horrific idea of working till age 62, unions at the center of the violence.  German PM Merkle has come out with it, declaring that multi-culturalism has simply not worked according to plan.  German officials, finally, shut down the mosque used by the 9/11 connected Hamburg cell for continued terror activities.  The time bomb of non assimilated immigration to Europe from the Muslim world is starting to tick, loudly!  There are cracks in the EU armor not the least of which is renewed consideration of the burgeoning bureaucracy.      

Michelle Obama, an unquestionably accomplished woman will tell you the truth if you listen carefully.  After reminding the crowd that her husband needed them to cover his back, she also reminded them; “This is not about one man, this is about building a movement; Yes we can, we will, we must.”  We have seen the ‘movement’s’ goals exposed over the past two years and yes, there is fear.

In my newly illuminated fear driven dysfunction, and I could be wrong here as I’m dysfunctional, SocDem land does not sound like the place to go.  After all, it’s not theory, its news; it’s not an academic engagement behind the walls of ivory, its video tape.  The laboratory of dependency has rendered a verdict as it did in Central and South America not so long ago.   

Failures of the ‘movement’??