Please Seek Phychological Help

Ms. Schiller of NPR, now know to most, suggested Juan Williams seek either psychological or P.R. assistance as a way, one must assume, to achieve a catharsis over his occasional tendency to actually say what is on his mind regardless of orthodoxy.   Do not be shocked, the far left and far right consider the 20% fringe on the other side to be in perpetual need of psychological assistance; only moderately meaningful, but illustrative.

Michael Moore, in his status as an icon of the left, does not believe that Juan speaking his mind was a firing offense.  Mr. Moore, in the Daily Beast, points to the fact of Juan Williams’ association with Fox is the true firing offense, regardless of what Juan has to say.  Mr. Moore has his own pathway to limitations of free speech, boycott the opposition; in this case Fox.  Mr. Moore thinks Juan can say what he wishes, he just can’t say it where or when he chooses; a difference without a distinction if there ever was one. 

The crux of Mr. Moore’s undistinguished “open letter” devolves into a defense of the Times Square bomber based on his belief that American foreign policy is to blame as the root of all terrorist evil.  Mr. Moore fails, as do his fellow travelers, to address the nearly exclusive nexus of terrorist violence; nearly all connected to Muslim extremism and indoctrination.  Catholics and Baptists who disagree with foreign policy are not in our headlines blowing up, or attempting to blow up innocents.  Of course Islamism does not recognize innocents, if you pay taxes, if you vote, if you draw American breath you may as well be a soldier on the battlefield.  Mr. Moore fails his history test; the ideology he defends as a reaction to U.S. policy predates U.S. involvement in the Middle East.  This ideology grew up during European dominance of the Middle East.  Also excused is the history of Islamic imperialism; the experiments with Fascism and Socialism, failed movements in support of Arab nationalism.  Not a word about U.S. foreign policy in support of oppressed Muslims.  Nope, all about U.S. policy and ….. wait for it…… George Bush.

Those damnable facts!  Hey Mike, go ahead; just kick those facts away if they don’t support the pre-determined narrative.  Come on man, you’ve demonstrated a talent for that!

Mr. Williams, Friday evening’s host on Fox’s The Factor admitted, with clear feelings of regret and pain, that his long held opinion that the Left was the place where tolerance and open minds prevailed was simply not true and that he had, “learned his lesson the hard way”.  Mr. Williams did not attempt to hide his feelings and passions over what had happened.  He did not rise to the bait provided by Lanny Davis who damned Juan with faint praise at best and kept repeating that he based his opinions on facts while at the same time refusing to recognize the facts present in the NPR / Juan Williams imbroglio.  Davis did not condemn Ms. Schiller’s personal attack because he was “looking at the facts”.  Perhaps the video tape was insufficient, you know, factually!   

Perhaps Mr. Davis suffers from the same dearth of facts as Mr. Moore?  Or, perhaps they just don’t matter if they don’t agree with the orthodox predetermination.

A final point, Fox took great pains to broadcast the entire context of Ms. Schiller’s comments on Mr. Williams.  Ms. Schiller and NPR took no such pains with Mr. Williams’ comments on Fox.  Those evil conservatives were the first to rise to Mr. William’s defense.  Conservatives who stand in opposition to most of Mr. William’s opinions expressed universal regard, fondness, friendship and respect for Mr. Williams.  It’s ironic but not unexpected that those expressions came from the right, not the left.