Randomizing: Volume 2

We are endlessly fascinating!  California, on the verge of essentially legalizing Pot, is now threatened with a Federal law suit, no doubt based on the Federal supremacy clause.  To defend their law California must argue principals of Federalism, they must argue that they have the right to supplant Federal law.  California must present a case in support of original Constitutional intent.  They will have to take the same philosophical position as Conservative states fighting the Health Care legislation.  Technicalities aside, left and right must support original Constitutional intent to prevail in diametrically opposed types of legislative justification.  Fascinating!!!  Might there be some common ground if both points of view have to go to the same place in support of their arguments?  It could be a start.   Might that be a place to eliminate the number of issues in passionate dispute?  If both sides must make essentially the same argument logic demands that there is some level of fundamental agreement.  If not, it’s just tactics and by definition transitory to changing conditions.  If we agree on Federalism as a valid interpretation we seriously mitigate Federal power in a dramatic departure from the trends of the past 60 years.  Control will, by definition, gravitate a step further towards the people. 

Chris Matthews, featured in promos for MSNBC, wants a great debate; Chris, really?  What exactly have we been engaged in for the past three to four years generally and the last 20 months specifically?  Chris, political animal that he is, reflects the losers typical campaign demand; debates!  Chris is in the same position, his point of view is being rejected and somehow Chris finds points of logic that inform him the debate has not been fully engaged.  Chris, by the way, there is no way for you to have a “great debate” based on your ratings, just saying!  Now, instead of anticipating reasonable debate at Hardball which I seem to remember from the past, I tune in for a dose of mainstream Progressive thinking.  Perpetual fodder for unknown bloggers; although, Ed is even better than you for that, just saying! (as an unknown blogger!)

Assuming Republican/Conservative success on November 2nd;  a bit of advice for Republican power brokers. Forget the seniority trap and put some of the “young guns” where they belong; Committee Chairmanships whip positions, issue leadership and primary spokespersons for a conservative agenda.  If the old white guy formula prevails there will be problems in 2012.  You’ve seen and have benefited from the  power of “pissed off”; even if you don’t fully deserve it.  If you’re serious about maintaining momentum the only concern Messrs. Boehner and McConnell should have is; “best man or woman for the job”!   It’s not “Conservative” to waste or repress resources and potential, human or otherwise.  Got it?  

The Department of Health and Human Services has just issued 1,700 pages of regulations associated with Obama Care.  Wait, wait there are another 2,500 pages coming to a bureaucracy near you for a near term total of 4.200.  But….wait, wait the estimate of what the full throated regulatory environment will be is …………100,000 pages of regulations and “guidance”.  Lawyers are already dancing on our graves.  And, by the way, this program and the regulatory “guidance” will motivate employers to abandon company sponsored health care in favor of paying the penalties.  Expert analysis estimates 10% to 12% in increased costs yearly for as far as the eye can see.

How did this election become so much about Sarah Palin?  Fear, or is this the only available tactic for Democrats desiring to nationalize an election around Palin that has already been nationalized by the President’s policies?  “Is she qualified to be President?’ is the litmus test question for Republican candidates, it so prevalent, it should send the media conspiracy crowd into a thither.  The Republican answer should be simple; “she’s as qualified as a first term Senator would be!