Back from a little trip oversees, may take  a day or two to get the old political sea legs again, but…..

If you simply ignore the names and party labels what’s going on in England could be an American parallel universe; blaming the “last guy” for all of today’s problems, who’s farther left, who’s farther right.  Who’s prepared to make the “hard” decisions related to the economy?  If you’re on the left you must be a “red”, yes they still use that term.  It was simply astounding, just change the names and you could have been reading the N.Y. Times instead of the London Times.

Aside from, perhaps Roslyn and sycophantic hangers on, does anyone really care what Jimmy Carter has to say; about anything?  Mr. Carter’s decades long struggle for credibility and relevance includes berating dead Senators, insisting he was a great President, authoring decidedly anti-Semitic books, cuddling up with dictators and terrorists, revising history and running a “think tank” with all of the intellectual credibility of McDonalds trying to convince you it’s a health food outlet.  It just never ends with Mr. Carter still, apparently, confused and perpetually angry about being sent packing as a one term President.  Mr. Carter, the music has stopped and there are no chairs left in the circle!  We’re sick of the Clinton’s can you imagine where that puts you?

From the New York Times: ‘Friedman Chided for Idealizing China – By the Chinese

Thomas Friedman replies: “Some of my Chinese friends chide me for over idealizing China. I tell them; Guilty as charged.”  This is the same Mr. Friedman quoted as saying he wants America to be China for a day so that “we can get some things right”!  The ooh so intellectual Mr. Friedman thinks things would be better if we adopted the Communist/Capitalist model to avoid dealing with that that messy democracy thing!  The “green” Mr. Friedman has little to say about the explosion of Chinese coal plants or air thick as peanut butter or infanticide because the child was a girl, you can only have one child and boys are more valuable than girls.  Nothing to say about the fact that a majority of Chinese men have no hope of getting married; there aren’t enough girls and they can’t afford the dowry; talk about a societal calamity waiting to happen.  Mr. Friedman has little to say about the massive Chinese military buildup either.  No discussion of China’s unwillingness to bring North Korea to heel.  Idealized indeed, Mr. Friedman!  One thing Mr. Friedman can count on is no great groundswell of idealizing what he has to say anymore.

The left is supposed to decry “sexism”, right?  Gene Lyons of Salon.com speaking of Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell referred to them as “Telegenic Cupcakes”.  Mr. Lyons goes on; “the most entertaining aspect of the 2010 election season has been the rise of the right-wing cuties—political celebrities whose main qualification is looking terrific on television.”  Wonder if Mr. Lyons has a poster of Senator Barbara Mikulski over his desk, or whether he’s gotten “Senator Barb’s Crab Cake recipe” off her web site?  “Senator Barb”, Crab Cakes, I kid you not!  How far from cupcake to crab cake?    

 Remember Rashid Khalidi?  He’s the Columbia professor that “sensitized” Barack Obama to the plight of the Palestinians and led the future president to an altered world view related to the Palestinian question.  Mr. Khalidi was also the American based spokesman for Chairman Arafat.  Mr. Khalidi, along with his wife Mona founded the Arab-American Action Network (AAAN) now headed by Hatem Abudayyeh.  Mr. Abudayyeh was the recent object of an FBI search warrant and raid of his home related to suspected support for terror organizations.  Start up funding for the AAAN was provided by The Woods Foundation.  The Woods Foundation board members at the time included former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers and a Chicago community organizer, name of Barack Obama.  Connections?