Temper Tantrums With Eugene

Watching the Ed Show on MSNBC, yes I do that.  It’s important to get in touch from time to time with the other 12 people watching Ed; Mr. Todd Webster a “Democratic strategist” (seems to be an awful lot of those; might be part of the Democratic problem) and Heidi Harris a Las Vegas talk show host and to appearances a conservative are bantering with Ed.

Mr. Webster, standing firmly on the wind blown moral high ground dissertates; how terrible, how just awful it is that people are trying to discredit the President, to undermine him as a leader and “as a person”.  The appropriate sympathetic body language is well on display.  Ms. Harris confronts Mr. Webster with the long campaign to do the same to President Bush.  Mr. Webster, essentially, has no response to the truth of it.  He’s got nowhere to go with his argument and displays a knowing, dismissive smile hoping Ed will change the subject quickly and save him from the all too obvious contradiction and absence of a core standard.   

Therein lay one of the fundamental dynamics ruling this election season.  Right is wrong and wrong is right and it’s completely relative.  You’re guy is not wrong; if he’s your guy no other standard need apply, because, well……….he’s your guy!  Should the other guy do exactly the same thing its Armageddon waiting to happen.  Eugene Robinson thinks we’re having a temper tantrum, damn right we are!  Gene, may I call you Gene; we differ on why that may be the case.   

The necessary assumption on the part of those who partake in this manner of equivalency is that we won’t notice.  There may have been a time when that was the case, but not now.  The logical extension of that assumption is that we are somehow intellectually challenged to a degree whereby we don’t have the chops to notice or comprehend.  We notice!  We notice that both sides engage in the same (expletive deleted).  It’s enough to generate a temper tantrum. 

Gene says; forget about the bad form of questioning the essential wisdom of the American People.  Gene says “it’s impossible to ignore the obvious”: “The American people are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats.”  You bet Gene, we are going to stamp our feet and hold our breath until arrogant asses get off the stage, Pulitzer Prize or not. 

Gene, sorry to have to tell you this, but you’re a part of the problem.  Your column claims and I quote, “This is not, I repeat not, a partisan argument”; followed by, you guessed it, a repetition of partisan talking points. It’s enough to get your temper up.

Gene reminds us the President talked of a long term plan and we should be patient, but the long term plan as represented by the President’s budget insures, in fact guarantees, financial collapse.  I remind Gene that the Right Track / Wrong Track numbers are 2 to 1 against, has been for a while, and Gene just sees it as a temper tantrum. I could start stamping my feet any second now.

Gene, who is really having the temper tantrum here?

Move to the left or right in primaries, move to the center in general elections.  It’s discussed by “experts” purely in terms of strategies, of wining.  No discussion of the underlying dynamic which is, well…….lying.  I feel a temper tantrum building!

Legislation is complex to the point of incomprehensibility, many believe by design.  If you disagree you’re flawed.  Public policy evolved to the point where the public voice is trumped by an agenda. Do I sense rising blood pressure?

Yea, we’re having a temper tantrum, we’re angry and we’re scared.  We can insure that a can of peas has all of the appropriate information we need but we can’t rely on the same standard in the political class; “warning contents of this politician may not be what they claim or appear to be, use of this politician may lead to anger, disappointment, frustration and temper tantrums.”