Obama: Voters too dumb to realize “Recovery Summer”

Everybody with common sense knows President Obama’s “Recovery Summer” was a sure failure from the start since it was built on the false predication of government stimulus. Fast-forward from back in June of this year to now and we see this playing out all too predictably.

Even the liberal media is beginning to wonder how they allowed President Obama to fail so badly when they were sure if they kept carrying the water everything would be awesome.

This article from NPR put the icing on the cake for me:

Whatever happened to recovery summer?

This was supposed to be the season the economy heated up, thanks to a wave of public works projects, funded by the government’s stimulus program. But summer is coming to an end, and the recovery has not taken root. Forecasters are expecting another gloomy employment report on Friday.

And before long, stimulus dollars will be fading like autumn leaves.

None of that is encouraging for President Obama, who launched the summer with a crew in hard hats in Columbus, Ohio, on June 18.

I can answer the first question. It was doomed from the beginning since there was no recovery taking place thanks to President Obama’s progressive liberal policies toward businesses and individuals.

However, this is my favorite quote from a White House spokesperson on why the “Recovery Summer” has crashed and burned:

“As happened with many decisions, pragmatism won out,” said outgoing White House economic adviser Christina Romer this week. “We agreed that many of the things that would improve the economy fastest were unglamorous measures … many of which don’t come with Recovery Act signs or easily identifiable links to the act. It has been hard for people to see what the act has done.”

In other words, the American people are too stupid to realize they are living in the “Recovery Summer” because so much recovery has happened behind the scenes. In places the American people are too moronic to think about, the economy is doing amazingly well but most Americans don’t have the intellectual capacity, according to the White House, to recognize this.

If voters were smart enough to look past today’s 9.6% unemployment number, maybe they’d realize we are in an economic boom and President Obama coupled with the Democratic congress are to thank.

This one single NPR article basically has unraveled nearly every promise and statement made by the President over the past 12 months. Take this claim, for example, that the recovery act building roads would keep restaurants busy:

Obama joked back in June that the hungry road crews in Columbus would keep area restaurants busy. But it didn’t work out that way for a nearby pizzeria.

“We’re third generation — started in 1939,” said John Plank of the restaurant he runs with his brother and sister.

Plank said business has been slow this summer, in part because the road construction makes it hard for customers to reach his restaurant. He hoped to at least capitalize on the day of the president’s visit, but the expected crowds didn’t materialize.

Imagine that, the road construction actually hurt his business thanks to President Obama. Can you imagine the mindset in telling someone that stimulus dollars for road construction is what will save their restaurant and keep them busy? Can’t have anything to do with the location of the restaurant, the quality of the food, the management or any of those concrete business principles. No, it must be President Obama’s “Recovery Act” giving dollars for road construction that will keep you afloat.

Remember, this was Vice President Joe Biden’s answer on stimulus as well. In a CBS Early Show interview way back in February of 2009, he said the following:

We got a woman on CBS this morning who asks Biden, “I’m looking for clear details about how the stimulus package is really going to help small business.”

BIDEN: I would recommend that woman call my office directly, and I will be able to guide her as to what pieces of this package would be directly helpful to her. For example, it may very well be that she’s in a circumstance where she is not able, her customers aren’t able to get to her, there’s no transit capability, the bridge going across the creek to get to her business needs repair, may very well be that she’s in a position where she is unable to access the — her energy costs are so high by providing smart meters, by being able to bring down the cost of her workforce.

RODRIGUEZ: So expect a call from Lisa Hendrickson later today. Okay, very good.

Once again, President Obama’s stimulus was going to help by repairing a bridge to Lisa’s small business so her customers could come flocking. This was a childish, empty answer when he delivered it and the ramifications of this shortsighted, fraudulent economic policy are still bearing rotten fruit today.

So once again, it seems as if the liberal, Obama-loving media has proclaimed the “Recovery Summer” is a failure along with the concepts of candidate-Obama’s false “hope and change” message about a new dawn of individual government prosperity. Who would have seen this coming?