Reaction to Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally

Update: Watch the entire Restoring Honor video here:

Video: The entire video of “Restoring Honor” 8/28 Rally

Despite living in Northern Virginia, my wife and I were not able to attend the Restoring Honor rally for a few reasons but I just finished watching it live on C-SPAN. These are my reactions from this viewing, not from being on the ground at the event.

To described what I watched in a few short words, it was sheer amazement and astonishment listening the message put forth. I felt truly moved by the entire presentation to watch people of all creeds and races unite as a single group of Americans celebrating God’s gifts to this nation and God’s use of individuals such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and numerous others who helped to shape and realize what the Founders intended.

Though largely apolitical, the message was clear in that individualism must reign in our nation, we must not rely on a government or single leader to bring this nation into the age of liberty and faith. This had the feelings of part spiritual revival and part individual revival to the foundations of the American Constitution. Our rights flow from the Creator, from the Almighty and He is who we must continue to rely in to usher in American’s strong future and place in the world. Without this, ideas and policies which derive from mankind are of the darkness.

Restoring Honor Rally view of crowd from the air

The magnitude of the crowd was truly amazing to watch on television. It appears as though hundreds of thousands attended this event, a true force to reckon with. This crowd of liberty and faith loving Americans came in peace and are now departing in peace for the purpose of restoring faith in this great nation.

Restoring honor rally view of Lincoln memorial

I was heartened to watch this play out and humbled that I live in a time during spiritual and constitutional awakening in America. We can read the triumphs and failures of our forefathers and we can help shape the future path of this nation towards a brighter future.

Here is a short clip from the Associated Press:

I will be looking for the entire 3 hour video to post at a later time. If you missed watching this on C-SPAN or missed attending it, you must do yourself a favor and watch the entire event from start to finish, it will be a blessing to you and it will restore some hope in the people of this nation and the foundation of God in our public square.

I know I will have more thoughts as the days continue but these are my initial reactions which I wanted to put down in written form. I became aware of the fact a short time ago that this blog and all of my opinions and views expressed in it can be saved as a collection for my children and grandchildren someday. It is part hobby but I realized it is also part journal on what is happening in the world around us. I looked back in the site archives to see what I was thinking and writing about over 2 years ago and it occurred to me that I must continue doing so to save my thoughts on history and watch my thinking progress and deepen over time.

Update: Watch the entire Restoring Honor video here:

Video: The entire video of “Restoring Honor” 8/28 Rally