Maureen Madness

Headline; Maureen Dowd wants George W. Bush to help bail out President Obama.

 Maureen, in her column of August 17th; Our Mosque Madness, takes President Obama to task from her point of view; it is the same manner of criticism directed by Conservatives at Republicans.  Be true to your values!

Appalled, she is that the President would walk back his iftar dinner comments.  She refers to the President as “Mr. Perfectly Unclear President”.  Just her way of saying “Damn it, when will you people stop screwing around and begin to conduct “policy by pundit”?  “Hello?’ ‘Call me!”

Mo, may I call you Mo?  You’re right it’s not a war against Islam, but Islam is an undeniable tie that binds.  It is the unbroken line of faith, rendered immutable in the 10th Century.  The death cry is always the same Allah Akbar, God is great.  Neither Obama nor Bush seemed to actually “get it” on the full nature of the religious forces in the Islamic world.   Mo, you don’t get it either in my humble opinion.  Perhaps a re-read of Samuel Huntington’s predictions would be in order.

If radicalism is so truly aberrant to our cadre of “moderate” Muslims, why has Islam not made an obvious move to take care of the problem themselves?  For instance, it’s a tough hill to climb when you agree with and support an ever more radicalized Hamas and adopt the “U.S. got what was coming to it” mantra.  Saudi funding of Whhabism the world over, including in the U.S. is not applicable. In our Mad, Mad, Mo World perpetrators are actually victims; they have to be to make the logic work.      

Sharia is not the American cup of tea and yet demanded or preferred by the vast majority of Muslims, including American Muslims.  A New Jersey court applied concepts of Sharia just this summer.  Does tolerance walk the plank to two legal systems in America?  No, Mo, it’s not crazy, have a look at Europe which has been institutionalizing pockets of Sharia for decades.  It not only can happen; it has happened.  Symbols were a big part of the gig, always have been and still are.  

Mo has an answer? It’s time for George W. Bush to speak out in favor of the Mosque.  Mo says it’s his responsibility because he started two wars in the Middle East.  The logic, again, requires that you accept some manner of equivalency between the two situations.  If you think that the Mosque, nearby Ground Zero, that was attacked by Muslims, leading to retaliation and eventually war are the same, Mo is right, he should. 

If, as Mo contends, you can get to the point where two existing Mosques nearby also bear some manner of equivalency to building a new one, Mo is right!  No charges of intolerance have been heard related to structures that existed in advance of 9/11, nor should there have been.  If you don’t see Mo’s equivalency you can recognize the right to build the Mosque, as well as the recognition that the potential for this to prove to be a bad idea on many levels is well better than 50/50.  This Mosque will stand, if it stands at all, as reminder of public discontent, political tin ears, protest and yet another reminder of who did what to whom on 9/11. 

Mo, how about the other “rights” involved in this situation?  What about Speaker Pelosi calling for investigations to determine who is funding opposition to the Mosque.  There is no indication that opposition is “funded”; it’s the classic LBJ tactic of “accuse them of it and let them defend themselves,” no win situation.   Shall we snuggle up with Free Speech rights while we’re on the Religious Freedom issues?  At this point you simply cannot meet Imam Rauf’s stated goals with this project, the opposite will occur.  Should he remain undeterred we might want to start looking for another set of the Imam’s priorities.        

Mo wants W in on the Immigration and African AIDS situation as well.  She probably does not recall the widely acclaimed, stunning success that W’s appointment had managing the issue.  Dr. Mark Dybul was a liberal, gay, Democrat. His was also a brilliant doctor and public health administrator he ran the President Bush’s emergency plan for African AIDS (PEPFAR).  “Mr. Perfectly Unclear President” fired him.  I’m not sure W can help you out with that one considering that, you know, the best guy for the job was fired 

Of course President Obama, like our friend Mo, has been so respectful of President Bush that it’s hard to think of a reason W would not want to jump right in and help them out.  W might actually do it.  He’s demonstrated extraordinary restraint.  W’s had the class to remain out of the fray and let the new President be President.  No books until after Election Day; same as the Rumsfeld firing 

Finally, Mo, I’m thinking of writing a comprehensive history of Conservatism.  Could you send Frank Rich over to help me out with that?