Gender Specific, Stereotypical, Iconic Figure Not Warming Up Yet!

Looks good for you Republicans, eh?  Generic ballot, Presidential popularity, Congressional approval; toss up races in Democratic districts!  Yup, looking good……. However, “it ain’t over till it’s over”.  We’re I less sensitive I may have referenced a gender specific, stereotypical icon who utilizes vocal skills as a signal that it’s all over.  See ………. politically correct.

I’m listening.  I do not hear the aforementioned gender specific icon warming up.

I’ve also listened to folks with different views finding myself in the company of a small group of Democrats ranging from moderates to ideological Progressives; they’re not giving up!  The talking heads and these folks are close on policy but not as a matter of passion, strategy or delivery.  Reading expressions and body language is very different than reading poll numbers.

The Democratic base, as represented by this group of folks, is not being moved by circumstance to a modified belief system, they want more of the same and quickly if you please. They are disheartened and more than a bit confused by the fact that not everyone sees the past 18 months as the victory dance that they do.  One lady was very confused indeed, complained about Fox News and how many of her colleagues were watching it and wondering where the “Democratic propaganda machine is?” Apparently unaware of MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, Boston Globe, L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post or the general blogosphere. 

Opposition to Health Care is not a policy debate, it’s “immoral”.  These folks know how long Health Care has been on the docket and believe the aforementioned gender specific icon has not only sung but has taken a bow and is moving off stage.  The idea that the Health Care legislation could unravel is anathema.  Same for Financial Reform and nearly any regulation aimed at targeted businesses: Coal, Oil, Medicine, Wall Street, Banks and Pharma being at the top of the hit list.  Oh, and the conspiracies that surround them.     

I understand they’re confusion.  I’m confused with them as well; I am, however, absent a domestic target list; more concerned with system integrity and whether it’s reflecting reasonable balance between circumstance and fidelity to founding values.  Fact is, if you want the process to move 5 feet you have to pull like you need 100 feet.    

These folks in some cases are seriously angry; eat you up inside angry.  They are angry at all the usual suspects; but also angry with their own “people.”  The complaints are twofold: one, not aggressive enough “attack, attack, attack” is the prevailing advice from Progressives; two, what they say about their ‘people’; “they want money, they want e-mails, we do it, nothing changes”.  The pace of change is not good enough, not bold enough.  They fear a historic confluence is going to waste.  They are angry and there is a peculiar energy born of anger, especially if you now find yourself in what you perceive as an uphill battle. They’re not giving up; they can’t, win or lose.  One can celebrate they’re commitment if not they’re ideas.   

America has been, from the start, an evolving war of ideas; literally and figuratively.  We’re not good losers, none of us, left, right or all together.  We fight the same battles periodically and those battles are based on fundamental ideas about how things should be done and the context of the doing.  There must be places we could meet in the middle, but we have to want to meet in the middle.  Where is the rational middle?  What would that middle look like in the context of electoral success or failure?  Which way do we move?  How much do we modify? The folks I met know these questions are afoot, they don’t want to give up an inch. 

Maybe we don’t want to meet in the middle; maybe we can’t for now.  Maybe we need winners and losers first!  Maybe it’s time for a definitive swing one way or the other.  As always, the “actual” middle will decide that balance. 

The problem, of course, is that we must reside the execution of political will with politicians.  Regardless of a chosen direction, we run the constant jeopardy that those politicians will become more enamored with power and profile; that they will get lazy and self absorbed.  The good news; we get another swing at it in two years. 

Two things are assured: no one’s giving up and no one should suffer from overly developed confidence, false or otherwise. 

Nope, still don’t hear a gender specific, stereotypical icon warming up.  Not yet!