N.Y. Unions Need To Say; “Forget About It!”

New York’s political class has taken to frequent admonishments regarding religious freedom and the Ground Zero Mosque.  Mayor Bloomberg loves the idea;  it shows the rest of the world what religious freedom in the United States is all about. 

Mr. Mayor, we have nothing to prove!  We do not have to prove our religious tolerance, our generosity or our courage.  There is nothing to prove!!  The very fact that this is the Mayor’s best argument demonstrates the “moron theory”; it just takes one moron to screw up a vast swath of the landscape with both immediate and unintended consequences.

Proof?  New York, Police, Firefighters and EMT’s on 9/11, there’s some proof.  Proof? Steelworkers who rallied to deal with life threatening debris; “we put it up, we should be the ones to deal with it now”, said one steelworker.

Religious freedom is a spurious argument.  We limit religious freedoms in any number of ways.  Mormons had to eschew serial marriage before entry into the Union, same prevails for Muslims today.  ACLU lawsuits limit public display of religious symbols and seek to remove all religious references from the public forum. “Religious” cults that engage in torture, brainwashing, child abuse and sundry other horrors are not tolerated.  Religious freedom and freedom to worship is not the same thing.  We’ve done nothing to deny Muslims freedom of worship.  We limit religious freedoms when “religious” practices are aberrant to our social and moral norms or when they are used as an excuse for a political or social agenda outside of civilized tolerance.

Cities, towns and counties all over the country deny building permits every day based on inappropriate use.  This Mosque is an inappropriate use!

Despite approvals by the city there is one more set of approvals that might not be so easy to accomplish. 

Out of respect for their fallen brothers and sisters and as a push back against the ideology that is represented by this horrific project, construction and transportation unions in N.Y.C. should say “forget about it”; “there is no way in hell we’re going to build this thing” and; “we’re not going to let anyone else build it either.”  Police unions should say no to providing off the clock officers to secure the site.  The Firefighters union should refuse to provide fire watches.  Construction and Transportation unions should simply say “hell no!”

Governments must be forced, unfortunately, to relearn the simple fact that power actually does, ultimately, arise from the consent of the governed.  New York unions have the opportunity to deliver that message, and to be, once again, hero’s to us all!