Breathe in, Breathe Out!

Time for a revelation, here it comes, hang on; “there is a disconnect between the political class and the rest of us!”  Relax it’s going to be OK, breathe in, breathe out; repeat as necessary. 

It’s not a single issue problem.  The political class and mainstream Americans disagree on immigration, health care, free markets, regulation, deficits, spending and whether or not the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. 

Rasmussen Reports says 67% of the political class is good with the current direction of the country.  The rest of us?  84% say “not so much!”  It gets worse.

2% of the political class believes that taxes, fiscal policy and government spending are key issues; twelve times that, 24% of the rest of us think those are key issues.  Consistent with those numbers, 68% of voters believe the political class simply do not give a damn about what they think.  Really, you think so?  What makes you think that? 

Perhaps you think the disconnect is because the administration continues to propose massive spending programs, or major legislation has passed despite negative public opinion.  Maybe it’s because not securing the border as a precursor to immigration reform does not make sense to you.  Maybe you’ve reached the opinion that the stimulus was not so stimulating.  Maybe it’s because you are actually reading articles where the author did what the Speaker wanted and is “finding out what’s in the bill” and it’s scaring you to death.  (No pun intended) 

Perhaps it’s folks like Pete Stark (D, CA) who won’t “waste urine pissing on the legs of constituents”, or opining that the Federal Government can “do pretty much anything it pleases”.  Oh my, you are soooooo sensitive.  I’m sure that’s not what he actually meant, so says Judith Miller.  Hey, even Democrats don’t like Pete Stark, 30 years in Congress and no Committee Chairmanship?  Has to be a reason! Just saying.

It get’s worse still.  Only 23% believe that the Federal government has the consent of the governed. 

23% means that even a small percentage of the hard left aren’t on board with the program anymore, no doubt curled up in the fetal position hoping someone, anyone will deliver another bag of Cheetos before it’s too late.  That number, which has not moved much lately, also means that there is a hardening of opinion occurring.  That same manner of hardening has occurred in the Right Track/Wrong Track polling showing a consistent two to one wrong track; that relationship is not moving and has not moved to any large degree since February.      

When opinion shows signs or clear evidence of hardening it’s very difficult to move the numbers.  The political pros know this.  They may also know that when opinions harden folks tend to look for ever more justification for the opinion that they’ve reached.  This is not good news for Democrats.  According to Gallup even African American support for the president has slipped a bit.   Only 30ish% of independents are favorably inclined in their view of what’s happened over the past 18 months. 

Pros should also know that there are not a lot of options left.  Profligate spending hasn’t worked, massive entitlement programs have not worked, a speech a day has not worked, more Federal centralization has not worked, demonization of business and enemies has not worked, blaming Bush has not worked and issuing an executive order to suspend bonuses to overpaid government employees has not given us a sense of impending fiscal responsibility.  Has anyone seen the damn Cheetos?

23% means that 77% consider this administration and this Congress to have serious legitimacy issues.  It means people have simply stopped listening.  They have crossed the red line and it is unlikely the numbers will get anything but worse.

Who’s responsible for these numbers?  You are, God bless you!  The collective American sense of right and wrong has kicked in.  The instinct for when things have gone too far in one direction or the other is in clear evidence.    

Please, do continue to breathe in and breathe out!