Illegals in Virginia beware

Today I was over at WMZQ looking for pictures posted from the Brooks & Dunn Last Rodeo concert Nate and I attended last night and by coincidence I stumbled upon this article:

“Getting stopped or arrested in the Commonwealth of Virginia can lead to inquiries about a person’s immigration status. The state’s attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli has ruled that law enforcement agencies can check whether a suspect is in the United States lawfully. Cuccinelli’s legal opinion cites a 2008 Virginia state law that requires police to check immigration status.

The attorney general’s opinion further expands the reach of law enforcement – allowing officials to inquire about immigration status in something as routine as a traffic stop or police checkpoint.

“Virginia law enforcement officers have the authority to make the same inquiries as those contemplated by the new Arizona law. So long as the officers have the requisite level of suspicion to believe that a violation of the law has occurred, the officers may detain and briefly question a person they suspect has committed a federal crime,” Cuccinelli’s opinion states.

The legal opinion, which holds the same weight as a state law in Virginia, widens the ongoing immigration debate being had in Arizona to now include the Old Dominion State.”

Ken Cuccinelli has proven to be quite an asset as Attorney General of Virginia. It is no secret that Northern Virginia has an illegal immigration issue and here in Fairfax County our own Sully District Supervisor, who happens to be a liberal Republican, is proposing a day labor camp to house the illegal immigrants from 6 am to 12 noon. To clarify, this “day labor camp” is a small trailer that in no way will hold the amount of day laborers that await pickup for a day’s work. The location of this trailer is also in dispute since the community is vehemently against a day labor center opening at all. The center will require the illegal’s to pay for a membership ID card which will allow them to be registered with the center and seek work. As if any contractor in his right mind will register with the center to contract out for day laborers knowing these are illegal immigrants they are picking up.

We can only hope that this clarification of the law and the ability to check the status of immigration when pulled over will chase illegals out of the state the same way Corey Stewart, Prince William County Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, was successful in doing. Prince William County was successful in cracking down on illegals by implementing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement 287(g) program which allows for and directs police to check the immigration status of all persons after they are arrested for a volition of state or county law.

Here’s Corey Stewart on Fox and Friends discussing his proposal for the State of VA: