Oh Yes It’s Ladies’ Night and the Feeling is Not Right

Attention women and men, Ladies’ Night is under attack from the left. Maryland is the most recent state to ban Ladies’ Night across the country. It follows New Jersey, Colorado, California and Wisconsin declaring this notoriously favorable traditional night out as gender discrimination. How many of you are aware that a class action lawsuit exists trying to ban Ladies’ Night all across the country? The frivolous lawsuit claims that this tradition, which includes free admission and girlie drinks at some locations, amounts to gender discrimination as a violation of the 14th Amendment.

Marc Rudov recently said on Fox and Friends that women being paid to show up during Ladies’ Night, proves his point that dating is legal prostitution.

Can we really say that “Ladies’ Night” is really discriminatory? I can see if the private clubs and bars decided to pull Ladies’ Night because of economic reasons, but really I can’t imagine it would cost owners too much to comp admission. If anything it only helps businesses bring women and of course, men to the club. So what is the nexus between all these states and the ban on Ladies’ night? Well it’s political of course, the one thing that all of these complaints have in common is a push from left wing activists trying to equate Ladies’ with the plight of women in Iran, only in this case, it’s men who are lacking the human right to free drinks.

Republican Senator Tom Kean from New Jersey remarks on the ban in 2009 when the ban reached its 5 year anniversary:

“The bureaucratic ban on ‘Ladies’ Night’ may seem humorous at first blush, but the five-year anniversary is indicative of a larger problem faced by business owners throughout this State,” said Kean. “It is hard enough to operate a small business in this State, which has developed a reputation for regulatory overkill and outright hostility to economic growth. We do not need to make things worse by attacking harmless and non-discriminatory promotional activities that aid businesses that are struggling in the economic downturn,” said Kean.

“The notion that the use of ‘Ladies’ Night’ promotes animosity toward one gender is ludicrous and the ban only serves to trivialize the need to combat real instances of invidious discrimination. One can only imagine what will be banned in the next wave of government intervention — ‘kids eat for free’ promotions? Discounted senior citizen movie tickets?”

“As long as New Jersey has an overbearing and meddlesome government that refuses to cut red tape and end this foolishness, we will keep our reputation as a terrible place to do business,” said Kean.

Now if you’ve been following the news with our favorite Queen, Barney Frank, you may have heard that recently while waiting to take the ferry his partner tried to get Frank the Senior Citizens discount. (Side note: isn’t it funny that they could care less about wasting our money but when it comes to a dollar discount of Frank’s own money he suddenly seems to care)….Barney Frank through drama into that crown by throwing a royal fit. An onlooker commented that “Frank made such a drama over the senior rate that I contemplated offering him the dollar to cool down the situation.” I doubt that at the kind of clubs Barney Frank hangs out at this Ladies’ Night thing wouldn’t be an issue. Just saying.

Do you liberal men see that liberal policies are only affecting your ability to benefit from such a night, and “Oh what a night”. So who’s pulling against us Ladies’? My money’s on Barney Frank.

“Yes its Ladies’ night and the feelings right, oh yes its Ladies’ night (oh what a night)…”