Around The Rim and Out!

I admit it, love Brit Hume.  Brit has the ability to, with a single sentence; motivate a thought process in a new or more expansive direction.  Tight, pointed, thoughtful; in discussing the Presidents popularity “the left doesn’t think the President did enough and the rest are simply unhappy with the results.”  Results? 

If Brit is right, and I think he is, all is not lost. 

Despite decades of relativity, political correctness, left leaning educational systems, cultural self loathing and policies contrary to self interest; we are still capable of focusing on results. Brit, at least, thinks so.  

That means we may still have our wits about us.  We’re still, in our DNA, orientated to core American values and common sense. We know what we have to do. Elected leadership is not doing it, at least not consistently with what we have asked them to do. 

In the face of a two to one wrong track right track polling relationships what does the Speaker have to say; “I can tell you one thing; we’re not going back!”  The Majority Leader opines; “despite what’s being said, you we’re better off with us than without us.” 

Honestly?  Wow, if you guys really, really believe that, it’s really, really hard to know what we could say to sway you.  Apparently, Congressional approval ratings that hover in the mid-teens do not generate an impact on your thinking.  No lesson to be learned there!  A 10 point deficit in the generic ballot will not move you to a more centrist position.  The results perhaps speak to it?  Perhaps, an election might make the point. 

The President decides it’s a good idea to speak to NetRoots.  NetRoots bloggers represent the very core of the 26% on the hard left, that’s fine; they’re entitled to their logic free point of view.  By the way, the latest strongly approve number, is 27%! 

Rhetorical question; “Does this number tell us anything?” 

Rhetorical answer; “Yes, I believe it does”.

Mr. President as you embark on your “Summer Recovery Tour” so called by your staffers, please keep in mind that personality matters but we did actually elect Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson;  just saying. 

The desire to recover, unfortunately, leaves very little space outside of the aforementioned Hobson’s choice.  To “recover” you have to just go ahead and simply be someone you’re absolutely not and never have been.  Support ideas you don’t believe in.  Distance yourself from Congressional Democrats on the far left.  Ouch, that one has to hurt!  You have to play to the people that you and/or Democratic leadership have insulted or denigrated on any variety of occasions.  Guns and Religion, Tea Baggers, Nazis, the big gavel, Astroturf, charges of racism that can’t be proven; yea we actually remember all of that. 

You have to convince the 64% of the public that thinks and has thought for months that we are on the wrong track, that they are actually the ones who are wrong.  Good luck with that sir.  Mr. President, 64% is 10 points more than the number that elected you!  Does that number tell us anything?  

It really comes back to who you are Mr. President.  You can be true to yourself and get fired, sending the 26% into a four year apoplectic fit; or, you can create a set of artificial compromises based on the politics of the moment and be seen as weak and absent a center.  Hobson’s choice!  This choice invariably confronts the folks who come in from the fringes under the cover of manufactured moderation, left or right.

There is another problem here for you Mr. President, Republicans will, if they are smart, talk about lessons learned with a significant degree of humility, combined with the message that they are prepared to fight your policies; not you, your policies.  You may recall they got fired not so long ago. The “lessons learned” thing is still in play and it’s what a lot of people are waiting to hear.

What have Democrats learned?  According to the Speaker and the Leader not a damn thing!  “Not going back”, “you should be thanking us, it could have been worse”, thanking you?  Really?   

In the interest of balance, applause to Democrats making noise about spending cuts and maintaining marginal tax rates where they are.  It is, however, difficult, to take at face value considering the past eighteen months and the degree of taxation and regulation contained in the legislation you guys passed.  We learn more about that legislation day by day and we like it less, day by day.  It is also difficult to accept in light of the fact that not a one of you has filed actual legislation consistent with your rhetoric.   

Mr. President, I fear that you may think the problem here is that we’ve not seen enough of you, or heard enough from you.  If that’s the case well… that opinion would be just this side of requiring exotic treatments to generate a holistic cure.

You had you’re shot, you took it; around the rim and out! 

Mr. President, your policy prescriptions have not worked, nor has the associated spin.  Somewhere north of 62% of us ascribe to that opinion based on, thank you Brit; results!