We Might As Well Go All The Way!

 The controversy over the Mega Mosque in New York is replete with well reported question marks and demonstrations that the “moderate” Imam who has been the face of this project may not, surprise, be quite the moderate as advertised. (Stephen Schwartz, Weekly Standard, among others) Questions also center on who is funding the project and exactly why the NYC political elite believe this is just a swell idea 

If we’re going to approve the construction of this Mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero why not just go all the way?  Our sense of insult disregarded, our indignation cast off as representative of some fault or failure in our thinking.  Our emotions over 9/11 are just…..….sooooo 2001! 

One for all and all for one; let’s think about to whom else we can a deliver a comprehensive insult.

Perhaps we build a memorial to Tim McVey in Oklahoma City?  Why should Oklahomans be immune from physiological abuse in favor of the manufactured sensitivities of a tiny minority with an agenda? 

How about a Shinto Shrine at Pearl Harbor?  Shintoism was an underlying ideology in support of an aggressive, militaristic Japanese quest for empire.  Why not insult all of those who died at Pearl Harbor.

An eternal flame celebrating the gallery of thugs engaged in the murder of abortion doctors?

Possibly we build a nice statue of Saddam Hussein in Tehran with a matching statue of Ayatollah Khomeini in Baghdad; maybe a likeness of Mohammed at the Wailing Wall?

Pontius Pilate in relief at the Vatican, a statue of Adolph Hitler at Buchenwald?

We could build a magnificent 15 story edifice celebrating genocide in the 20th Century: Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Tojo, Tito, Milosevic, the Japanese rape of Nanking, Ismail Enver of the Armenian genocide in Turkey, Kim Il Sung in North Korea, Menghistu in Ethiopia, Yakabu Gowon in Biafra and Brezhnev in Afghanistan .  Surely no one will be offended.  There are standards being applied here.  These are the guys who exceeded the 500,000 mark in targeted killings with Mao at number one; somewhere between 49 and 78 million deaths.  

That might do for a commencement to our little project.  Or, we might come to our senses and stop this madness.