Dem’s Support Tax “Cuts”. Really?

A small cadre of Democrats has made some noise about supporting an extension of the Bush Tax Cuts.  “It’s not a good idea to raise taxes during a recession” says Senator Bayh and Representative Connolly! 

Democratic leadership is miffed at Rep. Gerry Connolly (D/Va) who represents wealthy Fairfax County and was an early “face” for this new position on tax policy.  For current leadership, moderate positions are nearly as onerous as Republican positions.  For leadership, elimination of the tax cuts is a matter of faith, especially for “the rich”.  No mind paid to the fact that the top 5% of wage earners generate 30% of consumer spending and Mr. Bernanke says consumer spending is critical to recovery; no matter these “rich” folks are the ones that generate capital spending and create jobs, no matter that when the “rich” sit on the sidelines, as they are, the economy gets worse, no matter that these pending tax increases have contributed to economic uncertainty, no matter that we had six plus years of a good economy under Bush and the tax cuts. 

No matter that it is no longer a case of whether or not voters feel the recession; voters cannot escape it; it’s everywhere and it’s becoming endemic. But…….you can’t let facts get in the way of the story when it’s a matter of faith.  Faith, as we know, exists absent the necessity of proof. 

Even so, Evan, Gerry, welcome aboard.  Where the hell have you been?!?

Gerry, can I call you Gerry, is in a toss up battle with a relative newcomer to win reelection to the seat.  That, likely, has nothing to do with his newfound position on taxes but, we’ll get back to Gerry in a moment.

More significant on the issue is Evan Bayh.  Senator Bayh (D/In) is a lame duck Senator with nothing to lose politically in the short term; while clearly maintaining aspirations for the long term.  Senator Bayh also supports an extension of the Bush Tax Cuts.  These voices were immediately rejected by Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid, the Speaker is probably foraging around for that big gavel to put a punctuation mark on her message to Gerry.  

The long list of “yes” votes by Representative Connolly is, with a rare exception, straight party line voting.  He voted with leadership on all of big issues: spending, health care, regulation, straight down the line.  He voted for all of the taxes buried in those bills, he voted for all of the spending, all of the regulation, he voted for each and every deficit busting proposal.  He also threw constituents out of his Washington office for doing no more than expressing their lack of support for his policies.     

Yes, yes I know….it’s political.  That’s the problem! 

Really, there are two problems; one, it’s political on the part of Rep Connolly; two, we know it’s political, meaning we know you don’t really believe in your position.  How do we know, voting records (  Gerry, if you really, really, really, believe in your current position how do you explain your actual behaviors?  Really!

Gerry, how do we square what you did with what you say?  It’s not difficult to project the next iteration of Gerry’s position; “temporary”, you know, “until things get better”.  Gerry, you’ve got to define “better” and you’ve got to define “temporary”, six months, two years; how long do you think recovery will take?  Or phrased another way; “how badly do you think you’ve screwed this up?”

You see, Gerry there are problems with your definitions.  Take the word moderate.  You pushed hard for the Islamic Saudi Academy to renew its lease with Fairfax County when you were the Chairman of the County Commissioners. You pushed hard for their expansion.  You saw them as moderates (with deep pockets) despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, not the least of which was clear evidence of Whhabist teachings.  Yea, I know a lot of cash was at stake and you were getting ready to run for Congress.  It’s political! 

Gerry, what about the facts surrounding Muslim Brotherhood supported Islamist infrastructure throughout Fairfax County?  Oh, yea, sorry, forgot; moderates.  What about all those FBI investigations, what about the HLF trial that exposed them and their Fairfax based operations?  Anwar al-Awlaki’s former mosque which hosed some of the 9/11 hijackers is in Fairfax County.  What about representatives of CAIR being recruited to “teach” Fairfax County police officers how to be “sensitive” to Muslim issues and concerns?  Gerry, just a small sampling, all on your watch: all empowered by your definitions.

So if we take you with a grain of salt, you’ll understand.  If we see this as crass re-election rhetoric without substance or a belief system behind it, you’ll understand.  If we compare what is done with what is said, you’ll understand.

If we throw you out on your ample backside,  you’ll understand!