Video: Bobby Jindal rips Obama’s drilling moratorium

This is the Bobby Jindal many of us have fallen in love with over the past few years. This is the Bobby Jindal with the fire in his convictions and the ability to speak truth to power and ooze confidence while he does so.

Story from 2TheAdvocate:

On Wednesday, the governor’s podium moved to the Rally for Economic Survival at the Cajundome, where Crumling was one of thousands in the audience.

The thrust of the rally was the financial impact of the latest ban on drilling – a monetary hardship that Jindal has been lamenting. The governor’s nationally high profile won Crumling back to his camp by publicizing the plight of oil industry workers, shrimpers and others who face the loss of their livelihoods.

“I applaud him for standing up to the Obama administration,” Crumling said, who said he did not think the 39-year-old governor was moving the state forward before the oil rig explosion.

Jindal got a hero’s welcome at the Cajundome with the crowd leaping to its feet to greet him and waving American flags as he mounted the stage.

Here’s a longer clip:

This is leadership on display.