Malaise is Back

You knew it was just a matter of time before “malaise” returned to the lexicon. We weren’t sure where it would come from but here it is; I’m Baaaaaaaaaack! 

Describing the electorate this morning on MSNBC, that font of geopolitical wisdom Zbigniew Brzezinski used malaise as his primary adjective for the mood of the country.   Zbig should know it when he sees it; he was right in the middle of the last malaise moment under President Carter.  Zbig was Carter’s National Security Advisor and had a hand in the management of the Iranian hostage crisis and the brain dead events that led up to it.  Well done Sir, nice job! Well played!  We wait breathlessly for your self important advice and analysis.

One must wonder how much White House access Zbig has.  The foreign policy parallels to Mr. Carter are significant and while not yet the focus of Zbig’s perception of malaise, it could happen at any moment.

Discussion of the BP, Libya connection regarding the Lockerbie bomber was dismissed by Zbig with the Lockerbie bombing being simply “one of many crimes against humanity”; “what sense does it make to pick just one?” He dismissed the role of morality in foreign policy and continued to advance his particular application of relativity, “you cannot reduce foreign policy to a question of morality”, application of morality will according to Zbig, “isolate you and bog you down.”  Again, Zbig knows something about being bogged down.  Zbig believes real politic trumps morality as a fundamental principal.  While, to a degree, he is correct; situations are complex and morality cannot be the only guiding principal.  There is, however, a valid argument that the lack of a firm moral grounding resulting in a continual stream of relativism is one of our must basic foreign policy failings.

So, Zbig what was that Human Rights thing under President Carter about?  Was that not the single most significant principal guiding Carter’s foreign policy?  Was that not a moral construct? 

Zbig discounts the potential for a strike on Iran and quickly changes the subject to China as the offer of a functional alternative to a strike in not forthcoming.  Zbig also wants to “work with” moderate Muslims but fails to identify where they may be found.   Bob McFarland is still out there looking for them and has been since 1983.  Bob, come home, really, it’s OK.    

Zbig’s answer to Afghanistan; “we could win; put in 500,000 to 1,000,000 troops and reinstate the draft”.  “We’re not going to win we don’t have the will”.   Malaise indeed!