On The Wrong Track? So What!

Americans can be a bit slow on the collective uptake, that’s OK we are a diverse nation and the shear volume of information and activity is daunting, even for those making an effort to “keep up”.  Ultimately, we work our way through it; some of us on an analytical level some on instinct and perception 

The redline for working through the morass is an innate sense of logic.  We comprehend and internalize the context of what happens around us.  Logical disconnects get our attention, eventually.

The logical disconnect of suing Arizona for passing a near mirror image of Federal law yet leaving sanctuary cities who defy Federal law to themselves does not make sense to most of us.  The absence of border security is met with the furrowed brow of questioning confusion.   

The stimulus plan comes to be viewed as what it is, political not economic.  Stimulus failure creates contextual questions that surround our perception of the effort; its true motivations in question.  Media bias is becoming media downfall; major mainstream outlets relegated to journalistic white noise by the judgment that agenda trumps truth.

Embracing foreign leaders who criticize us on our own soil with nary a push back is, to most, incomprehensible.  Apologizing for perceived misdeeds when our misdeeds pale in comparison to the misdeeds of those we apologize to.   

“Comprehensive” evolves into code for central planning by an ever growing, ever more intrusive Federal government.  Despite weekly reports of massive fraud and waste, the President and Congress continue under the assumption that government is the answer, the only answer.  That view, in light of results, connects us to the fact that their trail of logic is broken and that more of the same simply means more of the same.

The big numbers are all bad: unemployment, debt, deficits, money supply, spending, credit availability; cash rich business refusing to invest due to uncertainty leads to the question of where a path to recovery reveals it self?  We cannot make the connection between the rhetoric and the reality.

Daily reports of yet more hidden costs in the health care bill, small business apoplectic over the triple whammy of health care costs, tax increases as the Bush tax cuts expire and the expectation of a regulatory regime they know is coming but cannot determine what its nature will be.    

Wrong track polling is in excess of 60%.  However, those numbers do nothing to inhibit the headlong rush of the administration and Congress.  That simply does not make logical sense to an ever growing percentage of the population. 

The crucial evidence that the redline of cognitive dissonance has been reached is polling data that reflects a growing potential voting pattern aimed at controlling the party in power; voting patterns that are not ideological, or political in the traditional sense; voting patterns that simply say “no” to the current path.  When saying no becomes more important than candidates or party; the message is undeniable!