4th of July 2010

It is not difficult to suffer mixed feelings on this 4th of July.  There is a sense of incredible pride in what has been accomplished in the 234 years since our forefathers swore their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to the goals of independence and freedom; an ageless template that has lit the path to freedom for hundreds of millions.  The Founders gave form and substance to ideas that have motivated the aspirations of freedom loving peoples for generations. 

Today those ideas are in jeopardy, a jeopardy unseen since the rise of the Progressive movement at the turn of the last century.

We turn to see a President, unfettered by the fact that only 24% of Americans strongly support his policies.  We look to a Congress that can only hope to achieve that manner of approval, parading with oversized gavels notwithstanding.  63% of Americans believe we are on the wrong track, and yet, both Congress and the President press on with an agenda fundamentally rejected by a majority Americans.  The Founders would be speechless!

A government for and by the people is morphing into a government for and by the government.  Popular opinion and honest opposition are rejected in favor of a discredited ideology concealed by brilliant rhetoric and secreted behind the veil of supposed good intentions.

Founding principles rejected in favor of ever more government intervention and with an intention to central control: student loans, financial institutions, insurance companies, auto companies, health care and energy.  We sit as witnesses to failed interventions in the Gulf, incontinent economic interventions and crushing debt creating the specter of generational impact.  

Subservient behaviors demonstrated to those who should fear the potential of our displeasure.  Allies insulted, enemies treated with understanding and respect.  American leadership disregarded in the context of demonstrable failure.

We have rejected these ideas in our past, we will reject them again.  We will recognize the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of these ideas.  We will identify the logical disconnects.  We will come to the understanding that our freedoms and our future depend upon clear rejection.

We may even commit our lives, fortunes and sacred honor to reprise the spirit of that first 4th of July?