Video: Brutal time line of Obama’s oil spill failure

This has seriously got to be one of the most effective use of web ads I’ve seen in a long time. Anyone can be clever or flashy but this is chock full of substance which is presented in a very convincing manner.

I’m flashing back to the repeatedly overplayed video of President Bush mentioning something about terrorism and then taking a golf swing. The media and left-wing advocates went nuts using it over and over again. One has to wonder how that compares to the amount of time President Obama has spent golfing, hiking, speaking and conferring while the oil continues spilling into the Gulf.

The icing on the cake is the MSNBC montage of Chris “thrill up my leg” Matthews and Keith Olbermann explaining how their hope and change excitement has faded.

The video time line comes courtesy of Right Change:

Not much can be said to spin out of the at considering the facts all align against Obama’s response. He has made the Hurricane Katrina response look like a well-coordinated effort, which is no small feat.