You Might Be a Conservative If………….

Frightening to some, but you might be a conservative If……………

….. It is unacceptable and incomprehensible that your generation may be the first generation in American history to leave the succeeding generation with less; financially, economically, spiritually and skeptical of the view that anything is possible.

….. The idea of America devoid or disconnected from the brilliance of its founding is not your idea of America.

….. You think American exceptionalism is a real thing, to be valued and celebrated.  History will render an unequivocal verdict, we were and are exceptional.  Conservatives think that’s a good thing. 

….. You are proud to be an American and at the same time you realize that mistakes have been made, prices have been paid.  Maybe you know the details, maybe not, versions differ.  Pride rests in the fact that you “know” there has been no greater force for good in history, warts and all.    

…… The difference between what you hear and what you see has become intolerable.

….. For the first time in your life you see the glimmer of the idea that being fearful of your own government is actually… not paranoid!  

….. You’re not planning to sit on the sidelines this time; “Yes, my voice too!’’

….. You look at the numbers, the plan, and realize that the plan says we’re totally insolvent, by design, by 2020.  That your government sees insolvency coming, predicts it; yet you can’t understand why that would be allowed to continue apace.  The only change to the plan is that it’s happening quicker than the planners thought. 

….. The logic seems to be disconnected; a prediction of collapse based on a particular policy direction and the insistence that those policies be continued and expanded. 

….. If you think the idea of receiving lectures on economics from the Europeans, Russians and Chinese is a bad sign.  If you also tend to agree with them, you might be a conservative.

….. If you think the best way to be safe is to be sufficiently strong that it’s just not worth anyone’s while to try us on for size.  

….. If you realize that some facts are inescapable, spin notwithstanding.  You put stock in the fact that not a lot of folks are trying to get out of America!

You may be a conservative if you feel you “know” America in your heart.  You may not be a student of history or politically active.  You may be lazy about public affairs.  You may simply be too busy getting by to apply the time or energy.  However, somehow, in your DNA you “know” who we really are.  You have an idea of what we should be and can be.  You know right from wrong, you also know sometimes it takes us a while for us to get around to it.  Churchill said it “Americans always do the right thing, after they’ve tried everything else.”  Ultimately you “get it!”  You know that when the chips are down we are compassionate and generous.

You may be a conservative if you realize that part of what makes us special is the price we pay in blood in the interest of ideals.  We care not for empire or subjugation, at least not lately.  We bleed most often to offer others the chance at the blessings of freedom and opportunity that we’ve enjoyed.  We put our proverbial money where our mouth is.  Our profit is the growth of democracies; free representative democracies don’t attack each other.  

You might be a conservative if it’s impossible for you to imagine what the world would look like absent a strong confident America.  You might be a conservative if you can!