Obama’s Oil Spill Epic Fail

At this point, following President Obama’s anticlimactic oval office address, the concept of federal leadership in the BP oil spill cleanup is non-existent. In fact, despite their condescension, I’d praise BP more than anyone for continuing to attempt plugging the leak despite President Obama’s incompetence in using all possible resources to fix it.

I think the most astonishing aspect of this whole ordeal is how ineffective Obama’s old campaign team seems to be in managing the press. Clearly the honeymoon phase is over and given the potentially explosive environmental impact of the oil spill, fewer and fewer members of the liberal loser media are choosing to look the other way and continue carrying water for the administration.

Luckily I can digress from criticizing Obama’s failure and let the uber-liberal Los Angeles Times do my dirty work. They have summed up Obama’s speech in one pithy sentence:

Obama’s speech: There’s a pipe spewing a gazillion gobs of oil into the gulf, so let’s build more windmills

It only gets better from there:

Obama had the firmness down OK: Make no mistake etc. We will hold BP accountable etc. He….

…had the God references. The talk of real live shrimpers devastated. An American way of life threatened. And though he likened the spill more to an epidemic, he also brought in the requisite battle metaphors. And, in case anyone hasn’t heard by now, Obama noted has another Nobel Prize winner in his cabinet, Stephen Chu, who hasn’t been able to stop the oil leak either.

But there was something wrong. The first two-thirds of the president’s remarks read just fine (Full text over here on The Ticket as usual). By golly, we’ll get the money, we’ll clean it up, no matter how long it takes.

But watching the president and hearing him was a little creepy; that early portion of the address was robotic, lacked real energy, enthusiasm. And worst of all specifics. He was virtually detail-less.

After almost two months of waiting through continuously contradictory reports, an anxious American public wanted to know, HOW are you going to accomplish all this?

Even Obama’s cheerleaders over at MSNBC were complaining. “Where was the How in this speech?” demanded Keith Olbermann. Seriously.

Yes, astonishingly enough, the cheer-leading squad at MSNBC was none too pleased with their tingle up the leg hero Tuesday night.

But after yelling “JOBS!” for a year and getting a protracted Democratic intra-party fight over Obama’s beloved healthcare instead, Americans wanted some Oval Office specifics Tuesday evening on stopping the uncontrolled undersea oil escape.

Instead, Obama was like a Harvard-trained nurse talking vacation to a new patient bleeding all over the ER floor. Hello, could we please stop the blood flow here before we discuss the long-term recovery?

Obama’s delivery did not really come alive until the end when the ex-community organizer got into his favorite Big Picture stuff. Memo to American Homeowners: Do not call Obama over to fix your leaking roof – or pipe. Have him design a new house, no, better yet an entire neighborhood or city from scratch.

Following the advice of his chief of staff, Rahm “I Got a Rent-Free Apartment from a BP Adviser” Emanuel, Obama is determined to leave no crisis unused. When he got into the decades-long fossil fuel addiction rehab stuff, his eyes shone. His delivery punched up.

It is rather sickening for Obama to be using this crisis as an opportunity to push job-killing cap-and-trade legislation as some of cure for the situation. Oil spills into the Gulf yet he’s discussing plans for “green” energy which has nothing to do with capping the leak or restoring the lives of Gulf coast residents. It pleases me to no end that liberals are coming out of the woodwork to voice their disgust and disappointment with the man they voted for. I hate to say I told you so regarding Obama’s blatant inexperience …. but I effing told you so! Who am I kidding, that felt fantastic!

The real emerging and somewhat unsung heroes in all this have to be Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour among others. Jindal has shown a tireless resolve to protect and defend Louisiana’s wetlands and environment using a common sense approach and all resources at his disposal. Barbour has been on the front lines also doing the same. Hopefully President Obama has one or two more open czar positions for some leaders with true competence and intelligence.