NPR Poll Confirms 2010 Anti-Democrat Sentiment

The media has been trying to portray the upcoming 2010 midterm elections as “anti-incumbent” for months now, however, numerous polls have show that this isn’t the case. It seems the media has been trying to put Republican incumbents in the same sinking boat with Democratic incumbents to no avail. Somewhat expectedly, a new NPR Poll confirms voter disgust toward Democrat incumbents is much stronger than the media is reporting.

This is the breakdown chart of which candidate you would vote for if the 2010 midterm elections were held today. As you can see, this does not bode well for Democrats even in heavily blue districts:

Republicans vs Democrats 2010 midterms

More from Hot Air:

The anti-incumbent fever that so many have discussed appears only to apply in Democratic districts. As this chart shows, the GOP leads where Democrats have incumbents by five points, outside the margin of error. In current Republican districts, the GOP leads by 16 points, which indicates that voters don’t have much of a problem with Republican incumbents.

The wave is strong and sweeping at this point, the question will be whether it continues to November. I have a strong feeling that it will continue and only get stronger. As I recall during the 2008 election, many of us political junkies were engaged from day one, however, a huge chunk of voters don’t seem to start paying attention until a few months out. I’d suspect we begin seeing more interest and a string anti-Democrat incumbent sentiment beginning sometime in August/September.

The voter disgust is with Democrat incumbents as proved by the polling above and these charts below:

49% of voters want to reelect their Republican incumbent versus only 34% of voters who want to reelect their Democrat incumbent.

I’d place my bets on the elephant at this point.