The Saudi Bailout Of The West

The Times of London reported that Saudi Arabia is prepared to authorize Israeli use of its air space in the event of an attack on Iran. 

My first reaction was, “THANK GOD SOMEONE HAS STEPPED UP TO DELIVER A SIGNIFICANT MESSAGE TO TEHRAN!”  My first thought; this is significant evidence of Iran approaching the nuclear red line.

There are problems with Saudi Arabia: charity based funding of terrorism, the aggressive spread of state sponsored Whhabism, power sharing with those self same Whhabists, oil politics dating back to the 1970’s, women’s issues, gay issues, effective slavery and, well you, no doubt, get the idea.  

This news however, is shocking, totally unexpected.

In March of 2007 a report by Whitney Raas and Austin Long, based on open source material, attempted to evaluate the likely success of an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. A critical unanswered question was what route would Israel have available?  Today’s news was not considered an option.  Today’s news eliminates the need to cross countries that have publically stated that they will not allow the Israeli’s to do so.

The Saudi’s see shared self interest with Israel; the enemy of my enemy is my friend…………..for today!  Whatever else the Saudi’s are they are conservatively astute about foreign relations.  The first Gulf War was supported from Saudi territory based on a shared self interest regarding Iraq and Saddam.  Domestic terrorism visited Saudi Arabia in large measure due to Gulf War cooperation and the basing of non Islamic forces in the lands of the Prophet Mohammed.  Exceptionally serious stuff if you’re a Jihadist and the Saudi’s paid a price.

The Saudi’s know there will be repercussions; they also know they can weather them.  They will justify the action by casting Iran as the immediate danger and reminding all that Israel is the only guy in the neighborhood capable and willing to do something about it.  Behind the scenes they will remind Brother Arabs that Iranians aren’t Arabs and that they are Shia.  That might be enough. 

If not I recommend, “Shut up, you spineless whiners! You’d rather have a nuke in the hands of a nut?”

The Saudi’s have signaled to all; Iran is the problem, Iran is our number one priority. Worse than America, even worse than Israel!  Who saw that coming?  If there is to be the long doubted diplomatic solution, the Saudi announcement combined with Russia’s turn slightly against Iran last week may supply the long absent motivation that diplomatic settlements rest on.

The Saudi’s may also have given a thought to the Goldfinger Scenario, based on Iranian love notes to the Royal Family over the last year.  Nuke the biggest stock pile of gold rendering it radioactive for 100 years and the value of the gold you have skyrockets!  Same might apply to oil fields.  A couple of small nukes in the Saudi oil fields and they are out of business folks, for a very long time.  The entire global Sunni network is also out of business, based on the absence of Saudi money.  Is the rest of the Sunni world in jeopardy, Egypt, The Emirates, Kuwait, Iraq? 

Presto, oil is $500 a barrel and the West is in big trouble, China too. The West and China in trouble means everyone is in trouble.  In this scenario every response option is either horrific or simply a day late and a dollar short.  Global economics turns on its head in the time it takes you to say BOOM!  

The U.S. faces decisions in the upcoming week as to positions we will take in the U.N.  A trial balloon regarding supporting a U.N. investigation of the flotilla incident was subjected to scalding criticism from the right to the center left.  The Saudi’s don’t want the U.S. to back away from Israel; that is part of today’s message; Saudi’s support Israel but the U.S. does not?  The Saudi’s don’t want the Palestinian Question solved either.  As long as the U.S. backs Israel Saudi Arabia has a box full of excuses and justifications for regional behaviors.  If the U.S. distances itself from Israel one of the Satan’s just cooled off a bit and after all, they need their enemies.  In terms of Palestine, the stalking horse has worked for decades and will continue to deflect attention away from internal Saudi behaviors.

But in the final analysis, I say to Saudi Arabia which is the enemy of my enemy: