Painting The Big Picture

It’s confusing; it’s hard to keep up; when in doubt return to basics, in this case, facts not in significant dispute.


  • The economy is weak and not getting any stronger in terms of the big numbers.
  • Stock markets are down 9% in just the last month, a negative indictor if you accept the idea that the markets are forward looking indicators.
  • Deficits are soaring, there are no cuts on the horizon and no indications of a spending pull back, in point of fact, Congress is proposing more unfunded spending.
  • 10% unemployment, 17% effective unemployment.
  • GDP growth will not approach current budget forecasts.
  • The Bush tax cuts will expire at the end of this year, no move to extend them.  The current budget is dependant on the tax cuts expiring despite historical evidence that tax increases stunt economic growth and reduce Federal revenues. (Kennedy, Reagan, Bush)
  • The expiration of the Bush tax cuts will create a significant burden for small business as most pay taxes as individuals compressing the available capital and actual cash flow for all.
  • Only half of the working population pays Federal income taxes.
  • 30% of domestic energy production has been put in a state of moratorium.
  • Average of 450,000 per week, 1.8 million a month in new unemployment claims.
  • Counterpoint to weekly unemployment claims are 48,000 new private sector jobs created last month, new jobs equal 10% of the claims that occur in a single week.
  • The current budget essentially authorizes economic collapse by 2020.
  • The “Stimulus” has become a perpetual example of a political oxymoron.
  • The government now controls somewhere between 60% – 80% of the economy dependant on the source.
  • Iran rushes headlong toward a nuclear weapon.  The U.S. policy of engagement has failed.  Three prior sanctions regimes have failed as will the current sanctions regime.
  • Israel is in the process of being abandoned by the present administration.  Palestinian positions have been embraced.  Acceptance of Palestinian positions are not associated with the demand that terror tactics be abandoned.
  • Selective enforcement of the law as evidenced by border security.  Boarder Security budgets have been cut.  The Justice Department, with a massive expansion of their budget, is also selective in its enforcement priorities, the Black Panther voter intimidation in Philadelphia coming to mind.
  • Demonization by the administration has included: doctors, hospital companies, banks, insurance companies, Wall Street, hedge funds, car companies, energy companies, oil companies, the “rich”, small business and those of you still clinging to God and guns.
  • Lots of criticism, arrogance and insult directed at ………………. our friends.
  • We are still “discovering” the implications of the health care bill, the discovery resulting in 63% disapproval for the bill.
  • RCP averages show a 47% presidential approval rating, the rating for congress is 22%.
  • RCP average for right track, wrong track shows 61% say we’re on the wrong track.
  • No significant Foreign Policy accomplishments.
  • The Gulf has been mismanaged in terms of doing everything possible to contain and manage the spill.  Bureaucracy prevails!  No one is cutting through the red tape to bring maximum resources to bear.
  • The President’s political base is unhappy that he has not done more, spent more and regulated more.  The shout down of Speaker Pelosi this week by a left wing group and the “disgust” expressed by the ACLU Director being the most recent examples.
  • Unions, representing about 10% of all workers, hold political power with the administration out of proportion to their numbers and has ruled a variety of decisions and the decision making process with more to come based on recent appointments to the NRLB and background noise regarding a “bail out” of union pension plans.  Pension status advisors include the folks that put the pension plans in jeopardy to begin with.

These facts can be evaluated in the context of what the left’s agenda is.

  • Live with less, consume less, make less, and do with less.
  • Redistribution of income as national policy.
  • Full commitment to the Green movement /global warming/climate change regardless of the absence of an energy “bridge” to a green energy economy or indisputable scientific consensus.
  • Moral relativism and the Marxist idea that capitalism is the root of all evil.
  • Open borders, open immigration.
  • Minimizing religious faith in favor of reliance on the state.
  • Punishing regulation and taxation on “success”.  Individual success is the most significant evidence in favor of rejecting the thinking on the left.
  • Elimination of free markets in favor of central planning.
  • Draconian control of corporations resulting in Fascist “corporatism”.
  • “Social Justice” for some, the bill for that” justice” paid by everyone else.

The list goes on but the contextual goals are evident and continually reinforced; there are no secrets related to the agenda.

The “facts” seem to defy common sense analysis and a rational framework.   The “fact” is that the “facts” make sense only in the context of the left’s agenda, disgruntled though they may be.  The history of the left is that they will never give up, they are unrelenting, committed and as a matter of doctrine embrace the tenant that the ends justify the means.  Historically and philosophically, the means, in large measure, is the telling and propagandizing of the “big lie”.

The “fact” is that the left must be rejected, as they have been before.  The rejections have occurred because the left’s approach failed consistently, it must fail.  The left demands that we sacrifice our soul, our faith, our individuality, our talents and accomplishments to the benefit of the “state”.  Communism failed, at its essence, because it depended on the idea that individual accomplishment and motivation is the enemy, despite the fact that it is built into us.  It relies on the individual abandoning the individual.  Socialism morphed into the lowest common denominator of political acceptability.  Fascism grew out of the failure of Socialism to establish a political majority capable of maintaining power.

All failed, some sooner, some later, some still in the process of failure.  But failure this time cannot be assured in the absence of committed push back.  Failure cannot be assured without electoral rejection.   Failure cannot be assured if we focus on D’s and R’s, we must focus on the baseline belief system of those D’s and R’s.  Failure, in particular, cannot be assured with a leftist in the White House.