The Satan’s Should Hang Together

Much of what’s focused on Israel is not just about Israel.  It’s about the U.S.!  It’s about moving U.S. opinion and U.S. policy to international “norms”.  It’s about mounting those last few steps to full blown, globally sanctioned victimhood for Palestinians.  The gift of victimhood, in this case, comes with the shinny bow of forgiveness for all sins past and future, justified by the logic free application of relativity.   International carte blanch. 

Israeli’s should be worried as a history of strained support from the U.S. appears to be dwindling further.  In word and deed the U.S. has weakened Israel.  The Cairo Speech, adoption of Palestinian positions in public statements by the President.  The pressure for Israel to do more absent corresponding calls to Hamas.  Calling for Israel to join the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty and joining the call for an international investigation of the flotilla incident; all victories for the entrenched anti-Israeli machine.  The last two items on the list will likely be conducted by the most significantly, high profile anti-Semitic organization on earth, the United Nations. 

Helen Thomas gaffed, said what she thought.  “Get out of Palestine”, she said when asked about the Israeli question, “go home”; where is home she was asked, “to Poland and Germany” came the response.  Interestingly, Helen’s position is exactly that of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran who argues that the Israelis should return to Europe and that Palestinians should not have to pay the price for European “problems” as he referred to the Jews.  The Israeli’s should go back to Europe says the President of Iran.  Same as Helen!  

If you listen closely, the most rabid of Israel’s enemies will tell you exactly what the deal is.  The deal is about us, Israel is a step on the journey.     

“The United States is the Source of Terror” is a speech given by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.  In it he describes the U.S. as “the root of oppression, corruption, imperialism and terrorism in the world and Israel is its ally and partner.”  Remember the Great Satan and the Little Satan.  Remember which is which?

“Land for Peace” never managed to take care of the Peace part of the equation.  Oslo resulted in application exactly the opposite of the intention, the Camp David theater did not get it done.  Israeli security zones were abandoned in Lebanon, as were positions in Gaza and the Sinai.   Land for Peace was the theme of the decade, not so long ago; why no peace?  The bottom line; all of the deals resulted in the continued existence of Israel.  That fact is ultimately unacceptable.    

This is not about who throws the next stone, it’s about existence.  It’s about a single question looking for an honest answer; “what would you be willing to do to insure your continued existence against a committed enemy commanded by God to eliminate you?”  Philosophical positions and ideology are fine but they should be swept away by an answer in the empirical.  You’re family, your friends, your home, your community; what would you be willing to do?    

Israeli existence may hinge on Iran.  The international community has been, no, still is being out flanked by Iran at every turn.  The goals of the nuclear program are near at hand, another failure!  There sits Israel with one supposed friend left and that friend appears to have a serious case of the international vapors.

Context is important and context in this case revolves, to a significant degree, around the Karin A.  In December of 2001 the Karin A set sail from Iran bound for Gaza.  It was boarded by Israeli commandos; a massive weapons cache was discovered: rockets with a 15 mile range, rocket launchers, mortars, antitank weapons, and mines, four thousand pounds of explosives, assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, hand grenades and rounds of ammunition in the hundreds of thousands.  Bound for Gaza means bound for Hamas.  Bound for Hamas means conflict with Israel!  Absent weapons in support of conflict we have the “flotilla”.

If U.S. policy makers believe that cowering Israel will change the fundamental attitudes of Hiz’bAllah, Hamas, Iran or even Fatah in a more pro western direction they suffer from dangerous, life threatening naïveté.  It’s what the likely suspects are counting on State to believe.  In the Middle East each and every utterance and event is seen as bearing a deeper message.  The messages from the administration indicate that Israel must, once again, pursue failed policies in the context of the left’s view that Israel, like America is the root of the problem.

For our fans at the State Department not well versed, a fair representation of the “hardened” attitudes behind the big players is Hassan Nasrallah of Hiz’bAllah speaking of Yasser Arafat after the Wye River agreement; “From the moment that he cast down his gun and decided to take the path of negotiations on the Palestinian issue, Arafat proved that he is a Jew.”  There is no more significant insult in the Arab world.     

The U.S. must come to realize that Israel is just another step in the process of what Islamists consider an inexorable march to Muslim dominance in the Middle East and beyond.  The stage is set the stage in Europe.  The last big fish in the sea is the U.S. and at the moment it looks like that particular fish is going to jump into the fishing boat all by itself.    

The Satan’s should hang together: enemies are the same, fundamental values are the same as are base line democratic values.  The struggles to establish each nation bears parallels ideologically and philosophically.

About Israel, is about us!