Return to Their Place of Origin

Helen Thomas’ comments regarding Jews supposedly occupying Arab lands provided some provocative suggestions. This White House reporter demands that one group of people should return to their place of origin. In order to remain honestly consistent, why is she not demanding the expulsion of recent infiltrators into the United States of America, Canada and Europe?

Thomas’ comments included the desire for Jews to return to Poland and Germany. One can rightfully ask where should the Sephardim go? What would be the fate of Jews who left, often expelled involuntarily and under threat of violence, from Yemen, Iran, Morocco and other Islamic nations? Also, what about the Jews living in the territory surrounding Jerusalem for centuries despite the Islamic conquest and subsequent oppression?

So where are Thomas’ calls for the removal of outsiders who have been encroaching into the country of her residence? Mohamadans have been infiltrating the United States of American for decades. They have been granted citizenship despite violating standards mandated by Congress as essential for gaining citizenship. The Immigration and Naturalization Act of bars anyone espousing a totalitarian ideology in Section 313 under Title III of the Immigration and Naturalization Act. Considering that Islamic governance is based on enforcing the whimsical utterances of seventh century dictator and his successors instead of consent of the citizens and will of the majority, Islam clearly demonstrates its totalitarian foundation. Additionally, anyone engaging in polygamy or intending to do so cannot legally naturalize under Section 212(10)(A) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act. However, Islam explicitly permits polygamy while considering a man with several simultaneous marriages as the role model for human behavior. Therefore, one can logically assume that anyone adhering to Islam does so in opposition to representative democracy and its ideals.

While discussing the topic of people returning to their place of origin, Helen Thomas should follow her own demands. She has one of two options. First of them is for Helen Thomas to leave the United States to go back to Lebanon, the place of her parents’ birth. Otherwise, she must return to her other homeland where she was better suited in her role of hostess of “Tales from the Crypt”.

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