Aversion Therapy

Imagine.  You’ve asked to be strapped to a chair; it’s your periodic emersion in political Aversion Therapy.  The TV is on its Hardball with Chris Matthews, yup still strapped to the chair. 

You’re expecting the worse; you’ll be red faced by the first commercial.  But wait.  If you were tuned in yesterday here is some of what you heard.

David Gregory on the Sestack deal; “If this is politics as usual, why is it not being done better”?  His point; this goes on all the time, if it’s “usual” it should not be that hard.  Mr. Gregory went on later in the segment to offer his analysis of the Thursday press conference getting the President out of the Sestack firestorm, same with Rahm.  “This was an obvious set up”, said Mr. Gregory.  He said later “This is how Washington works and this is what people don’t like about Washington”.  Mr. G was not a happy camper: regret, minor awakenings, frustration?  We’re not done, regarding Sestack Mr. G. described how part of the set up was to insure there was no, none, nada video tape of the President speaking to the Sestak issue, total set up.  Hmmmm!

So, where’s my Aversion Therapy?

Andrea Mitchell is completely nonplussed.  Just can’t understand how they can be so incompetent, my word not Miss Mitchell’s.  But, a fair representation of her mood; “Andrea, did we not discuss the experience thing two years ago?”

The best is yet to come.  Up comes a tape of Rush Limbaugh lampooning President Clinton’s “job offer”.  As the tape ends, Chris Matthews “Well, even Rush get’s it right sometimes!”  Cue BB King; The Thrill (Tingle) is Gone.

We have to assume a guy smart enough to be an Admiral, is smart enough to understand exactly what was being said to him.  You don’t get to be an Admiral without a bit of political skill.  Known a few Admirals myself; smart, well educated, smooth, well spoken, wide breadth of experience.  In some cases they were just downright dynamic.

President’s in trouble! 

Media cover will disappear on this one, media is insulted by the ham handed handling of the issue and the fact that the story does not stand up to the smell test on a number of levels.  It’s going to be hard to impossible to slide on this one!

That combined with Nixonian indicators that someone up there is seriously considering playing this out to a cover up.  Not saying they are, but this much time and space over a brief phone call, that and other representations don’t add up.

You’re Aversion Therapy has been temporarily suspended.