Facing Harsh Realities …… Eventually!

Anwar al-Alaki, in his first production value video for al Qaeda central urges the targeting of American civilians by individual Jihadists.  He claims that “small” attacks on civilians will also disrupt a “weak” America.  The long expected “soft target” strategy has al Qaeda’s newest star as its poster boy. 

al-Alaki comes with a resume that includes Maj. Nidal Hassan, the Christmas bomber and evidence that he was a bi-coastal host for 9/11 hijackers in his, San Diego and Falls Church, VA mosques.  He is, likely, the most significant English speaking Islamic radical on the planet.  He is one of many.  The harsh reality is that radical Islam has a strong foot hold in the U.S. and has been growing geometrically for over a decade.  (Stephen Emerson’s, Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) is a mother lode of information and exceptional investigative journalism). 

Bombs will eventually go off.  Bombers will eventually die with their bombs.  Eventually we’ll face a cold trail.  Innocents will die.  Voices will be raised and eventually we will face the harsh realities.  Those realities include the fact that a small percentage of Muslims overall are radicalized.  However, the reality also is that a much larger percentage of Muslims empathize with radical views. (See Pew Research polling on Arab public opinion)

The media will eventually “connect the dots” and breathlessly bring you documents, video evidence and court transcripts that terrorism experts have know of, studied and tried to raise public awareness of for years.  The harsh reality is that most of the political class has ignored the evidence in the interest of political correctness or political advantage; the succeeding harsh reality will be growing anger from a public demanding that we deal with violent radicals in our midst.  That anger will form, as its context, the demand that political correctness and potential advantage be put aside in the interest of security.

We will face the reality that despite hundreds of competent, committed professionals in the intelligence and security community they are limited by political definitions, not security related definitions.  We will also face the reality that we must be prepared to name and define the enemy.

We will face the reality that Jihadists have been crossing our northern and southern borders for years.

We will face the reality that the Muslim Brotherhood has been organizationally active in the U.S. for decades.  We will look back on sympathetic media coverage and political cover in Washington provided to Muslim organizations that we will, eventually come to realize was a well constructed fiction.  We will realize that the Brotherhood intends to use our strengths against us to overcome us from within.  That’s the mission statement, Brotherhood documents long in hand as proof.  We will face the reality that years of activities and money exist in support of the Brotherhood’s intentions.

We will discover the scope of the Muslim Brotherhood’s penetration of institutions: governmental, social, political and critically, educational.  We will discover that the Muslim Students Association (MSA), Council on ‘American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Muslim American Society (MAS), fund raising organizations, public policy institutes and  funding for University Chairs to name a few, are points of tactical execution for the Brotherhood’s strategy.  We will discover that any number of big name academics and “experts” on Islam are on the payroll and performing to the pull of the strings from moneyed puppet masters.  We will discover the long standing PR campaign to cast radical Islamic ideology as anything but that.  

We will discover tens of millions of dollars in support for the Jihadist agenda in America, much of it from our “allies”.  

We will discover the reality of a serious dilemma; that the nexus of Jihadist philosophy, teaching, recruitment and planning occurs in mosques.  Modern day radical Islam is a function of the Clerical establishment.  Scratch the surface of any terror cell and an Imam will reveal himself.  We will be faced with the reality that in Islam law, religion, social policy and politics are a cohesive whole and all addressed within a religious context.  The idea of separating religion and state does not occur in Islam.

Will we be faced with the dilemma of violating religions freedoms as a necessary path to security; will we be forced to reevaluate the scope of religions freedoms?   Is religious freedom as a concept compatible with radical, political Islam?  The harsh reality is that religious freedom is not a concept that Islam embraces but rather sees as a weakness to be exploited in pursuit of their agenda.

We will discover that an aggressive counter terror strategy will drive domestic Islamists further into the safe have of their mosques.  What then?  Ignore the reality?  Will we be prepared to pay in blood to protect the rights of individuals who see our system as no more than a convenient path to a goal incompatible with the fundamental values of that system?

We will face the reality that our legal system is fundamentally unprepared to deal with institutional Jihadism.  We will become aware of the many suggestions related to creating a legal structure and court system that addresses the special challenges associated with terrorism and counter terrorism activities. We will wonder why no one in Washington (with notable exceptions) saw this problem as the major issue it will become when the bombs actually go off, which they will.

We will come to face the ultimate reality that evil ideologies must be confronted.  It would be nice if we could reach that point of recognition in advance of the bombs going off.